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Cavalry Sword IRL

The sabre or saber is a sword designed for use from horseback. Based on a medieval type of single-edged weapon and European backsword, the saber was adopted as the weapon of heavy cavalry in Early Modern warfare. Although sabers are typically thought of as curved-bladed slashing weapons, those used by the heavy cavalry of the 17th to 19th centuries often had straight and even double-edged blades more suitable for thrusting.

The length of sabers varied, and most were carried in a scabbard hanging from a shoulder belt known as a baldric or from a waist-mounted sword belt, usually with slings of differing lengths to permit the scabbard to hang below the rider's waist level.[1]

Battlefield 1Edit

The Cavalry Sword was first seen in the "Battlefield 1 Official Reveal" trailer, brandished by Zara Ghufran. A scene from the "Battlefield 1 Gamescom Gameplay" trailer shows a foot soldier striking down a medic. It is not available to the standard infantry kits in multiplayer.


Battlefield 1 - Mightier than the shovel Trophy Achievement Guide (Hidden Cavalry Sword Location)

Battlefield 1 - Mightier than the shovel Trophy Achievement Guide (Hidden Cavalry Sword Location)

A hidden cavalry sword can be found in the chapter Breakdown of the mission Through Mud and Blood in the singleplayer campaign. It is located in the French village that Danny Edwards is tasked to search through for part to fix his damaged tank. When arriving at the village, look for a two story building with a mounted machine gun turret in the window. The cavalry sword can be found inside the building hidden under a table on the first floor. Obtaining a kill with this weapon will award players with the "Mightier than the Shovel" achievement/trophy.

Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
Mightier Than The Shovel Mightier than the Shovel Find the hidden Cavalry Sword and take down an enemy on the French Countryside in the Campaign 10G Bronze Trophy


"Cavalry forces were used to some extend by all major forces in World War 1. The Cavalry Sword allowed riders to cut down infantry in their path."

— In-game Description

The Cavalry Sword is one of two weapons available on horseback. Riders can use the sword to reach far to either side to slice infantry, opposing cavalry, or exposed passengers in vehicles. By pressing Toggle Chase Camera, the player can switch which side they will attack when looking forward. When looking to either side, the player will attack that side.

Other riders can use the cavalry sword while mounted, but retain their original melee weapon after dismounting.

While having considerable horizontal range, sword attacks while mounted cannot strike prone targets. However, the enemy risks getting trampled anyway.

The cavalry sword also serves as the Cavalry's melee weapon while on foot. It has similar statistics to the hand tools—even sharing their takedown animation.

A Cavalry Sword Battle Pickup appears on the map Rupture in the They Shall Not Pass expansion in an out-of-bounds area by Flag C in Conquest. It does not respawn once picked up and unlike the normal cavalry sword, it is a one-hit kill.


Swords are a Melee type in Battlefield 1.

They perform identical to their Hand tool counterparts in terms of stats, Per hit, they inflict the most damage, but are slow with follow-up attacks, have a narrow kill zone for takedowns, and need to be loosened from the victim following a takedown. All swords can only break barbwire.

List Edit

Image Name Description Can break barbwire? Can break wood? Can damage light vehicles? Unlocked
BF1 Sawtooth Knife Icon
Sawtooth Knife
Sawtooth knife Some knives during WW1 were serrated, but were frowned upon by most parties since they caused wounds that were very hard to treat. BF1 Check green Cross Cross Five Puzzle Pieces
BF1 Saber Icon Saber A saber brought to the front lines by French cavalry soldiers. BF1 Check green Cross Cross Five Puzzle Pieces
BF1 Yatagan Sword HUD Icon Yatagan Sword Used both for combat and decoration, many Yatagan feature ornate designs on the grip plaques." BF1 Check green Cross Cross Unlocked by owning Turning Tide
BF1 Naval Cutlass HUD Icon Naval Cutlass (Codex Entry) The US Navy Model 1917 Cutlass BF1 Check green Cross Cross Turning Tides assignment:
  • Capture 20 flags while in a boat
  • Perform 15 kills on swimming enemies
BF 1 Ottoman Kilij HUD Icon Ottoman Kilij (Codex Entry) The Kilij was centuries old before becoming associated with the Ottoman Turks, but evolved and improved under the Ottoman Empire. BF1 Check green Cross Cross Turning Tides assignment:

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  • While on horseback, the Change camera view key will switch the player's view to the left side of the horse. However, during the Open Beta, the character will continue attacking to the right.
  • The cavalry sword was referred to as the Saber in the Open Beta. The They Shall Not Pass expansion introduced an identical variant of the sword known as the Saber.