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For the sniper rifle, see Scout Elite
For the "Scout" knife, see Knife

The Scout is a class featured in the Battlefield series. Its primary purpose is to engage enemy targets at long ranges while also serving as a demolitions class. It is the equivalent to the Recon and Sniper kits.

Battlefield 1942Edit

Primary weapon No 4 (British Army, Free French Forces, USMC, US Army, Canadian Army and the Red Army)
K98 (Wehrmacht, RIA and the IJN)
Gewehr 43 ZF4 (Waffen SS)
Secondary weapon (M1911 for Allies or Walther P38 for Axis)
Gadgets Binoculars
Equipment one Knife
Equipment two Hand grenade
Starting health 30

The Scout is a playable kit in Battlefield 1942. All the Scouts primary weapons are bolt-action rifles. Each Scout is also equipped with a faction-specific handgun and a combat knife, as well as grenades. They are infantry-centric, with their only real defense against vehicles is Hand Grenades (not counting shooting tank gunners or light armored vehicles with exposed passengers).

The only kit armed with Sniper Rifles, the Scout is capable of doing heavy damage against players at long range with a chance to one shot kill players with a headshot. However the bolt can only be worked out of scoped view; firing will cause the player to unscope and work the bolt and could easily lose visual sight of an enemy at longer ranges. Its low rate of fire may cause a nuisance for close-quarters, hence, switching to a pistol is advised. Their handgun can make up for distance, with much lower spread, but the handguns possess low enough damage such that they are ineffectual as dedicated primary weapons.

The only Gadget the Scout gets is Binoculars, They are used to coordinate targets with allied artillery pieces so that they can fire on the target designated by the Scout. Binoculars also provide a helpful means of spotting targets at distance, such as enemy armor or soldiers.

Battlefield VietnamEdit

Primary weapon M21 (US Army, ARVN and VNAF)
M40 (USMC and MACV)
M16 Sniper (US Army, USMC, ARVN, VNAF and MACV)
M91/30 (VC)
Type 56(NVA and VC)
Secondary weapon M1911 (US Army, USMC, ARVN and VNAF)
M-19 (MACV)
TT-33 (NVA, VC)
Gadgets Binoculars (All Factions)
Smoke Grenade (US Army, USMC, ARVN, VNAF and MACV)
Caltrops(NVA and VC)
Time Bomb (NVA and VC)
Bouncing Betty (NVA and VC)
Equipment one Knife (US Army, USMC, ARVN, VNAF and MACV)
Machete (NVA)
Plantation Knife (VC)
Equipment two Hand grenade
Starting health 30
The Scout is a playable kit featured in Battlefield Vietnam.

Battlefield 1943Edit




Primary weapon M1903 Springfield (USMC)
Type 98 (IJN)
Secondary weapon (M1911 (USMC)
Type 14 Nambu (IJN)
Gadgets TNT(USMC and IJN
Equipment one M1 Bayonet (USMC)
Type 94 Shin Gunto (IJN)
"Lightly outfitted, the scout has supreme confidence in the power and accuracy of their M1903/Type 98 long distance rifle. Typically you'll find the scouts perched at vantage points concentrating on their next victim's demise. They also carry a pistol and ex-pack explosives which are more exciting than fireworks to set off!"
— Battlefield 1943 Website Description
The Scout is an available kit featured in Battlefield 1943.

Battlefield 1Edit

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Primary weapon Gewehr 98 (Infantry · Marksman · Sniper)
Gewehr M. 95 (Carbine · Infantry · Marksman)
Martini-Henry (Infantry)
M1903 (Experimental · Marksman · Sniper)
Russian 1895 (Infantry · Sniper · Trench)
SMLE MKIII (Marksman · Infantry · Carbine · Lawrence of Arabia)
Secondary weapon Bodeo 1889
Frommer Stop
Mars Automatic
Mle 1903
M1911 (Standard · Doughboy · Hellfighter)
No. 3 Revolver
P08 Pistol (Standard · Red Baron)
Gadgets K Bullets
Trench Periscope
Flare Gun (Spot, Flash)
Sniper Decoy
Sniper Shield
Tripwire Bomb (HE, Gas, Incendiary)
Equipment one Hand grenade
Equipment two Melee weapon

The Scout makes an appearance in Battlefield 1. Sporting bolt-action and lever-action rifles, the Scout retains responsibility for long-range engagement, while gaining some of the detection duties of the Recon class.

The Scout maintains supremacy at a distance with ammunition that has further reach and high accuracy.

Scouts have access to a flare gun (shared with the Pilot class) that automatically spots enemies beneath it, and K bullets for engaging armored targets.



  • In Battlefield 1943, a player that spawns with the Scout Kit will have a primitive suit of leaves that provides limited camouflage.

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