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Scout Elite

The Scout Elite in real life

The Steyr Scout Tactical Elite is a bolt-action sniper rifle made by Steyr Mannlicher in Austria and is the successor to the Steyr Scout. Unlike its predecessor, the Scout, the Scout Elite has some notable differences, such as an extended Picatinny type mounting rail, an enlarged bolt knob, an adjustable cheek piece, and a height-adjustable butt pad. It is also fitted with a heavy barrel and can produce high muzzle velocities due to a "fast" internal profile.

Battlefield 4Edit

Scout Elite
Bf4 scoutelite
Unlocked at 8,000 Sniper Rifle Score
Damage 100 - 36.6
Magazine size 5 + 1
Starting ammunition 42 + 6
Maximum ammunition 42 + 6 (SP)
Rate of fire 63 RPM
Velocity 640 m/s
Range Light sniper range
Firemodes Bolt-Action
Kit Recon
Unlocks Variable Zoom (14x) (10 kills)
Bipod (20 kills)
ACOG (4x) (30 kills)
Canted Ironsights (40 kills)
Straight Pull Bolt (50 kills)
Reflex (RDS) (60 kills)
Laser Sight (70 kills)
Suppressor (80 kills)
M145 (3.4x) (90 kills)
Flash Light (100 kills)
Muzzle Brake (110 kills)
Holo (1x) (120 kills)
Ballistic Scope (40x)(130 kills)
Range Finder (140 kills)

The Scout Elite is a bolt-action sniper rifle available to the Recon kit in Battlefield 4.


It is unlocked by completing the Gold assignment on Shanghai. It is equipped with a CL6X, Variable Zoom, Flash Hider and Straight Pull Bolt. It sports a Worm Urban camouflage.


It unlocks American attachments normally, and must unlock Russian and Chinese attachments through Battlepacks. Compared to other Sniper Rifles, it does less damage at range, requiring up to three shots to kill (or one headshot), at the benefit of greater mobility and the highest rate of fire out of all bolt-action Sniper Rifles. It features high velocity, only behind the M98B. Despite having such a high velocity, it, along with the SV-98 has the fastest bullet drop.


Battlefield HardlineEdit

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Scout Elite
BFHL ScoutElite
Unlocked at Default
Damage 75 - 51
Magazine size 10 + 1 rounds

20 + 1 rounds (Extended Magazine)

Ammunition 5.56x45mm NATO
Starting ammunition 41 + 11 rounds (SP)[1]
44 + 11 rounds (MP)
Maximum ammunition 11 + 11 rounds (SP)
64 + 16 rounds (SP with Extended Magazine)
Reload time 2.85 seconds loaded
4.3 seconds empty
Rate of fire 73 RPM
Velocity 640 m/s
0 Recoil arrs 0
First shot recoil multiplier 2.0×
Firemodes Bolt-Action
Kit Professional
"The Scout Elite is a modern bolt-action rifle intended for law enforcement in an urban tactical role. This rifle is fast to the work the bolt on , meaning you can chamber the round quickly."
— In-game description

The Scout Elite is a sniper rifle featured in Battlefield Hardline. It was first seen during the Rescue trailer.


The Scout Elite is found in Gator Bait on a high platform, which may be reached via zipline. It does not feature a scope, however, only being equipped with iron sights and a 15 round magazine.


The Scout Elite is the starting weapon for the Professional kit, and comes equipped with a TA 648, Flash Hider, and Straight Pull by default. Although it does low damage, it has a faster bolt-action than the other rifles, making it well suited for close-ranges and performing quick follow-up shots at longer ones. In addition, it has a very tight hipfire spread making hipfiring a reliable option in close quarters.




  1. When picked up from a tower in Gator Bait, it has more starting reserve ammo than the normal max amount.

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