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Mauser M1916 IRL

A Mauser M1916 in reality

The Selbstlader-Karabiner M1916, also known as the Mauser M1916 was the final iteration of a series of semi-automatic rifles produced by the Mauser company in Germany prior to World War I. Development of the weapon began in 1898 with the Mauser Recoil-Operated Rifle, and was gradually altered and improved upon past the turn of the century. At the beginning of the great war, the design that would become the M1916 was rejected by the Army, but ultimately adopted by the German Air Corps as an aviator's rifle - the main armament of aircraft before the advent of synchronized machine guns.

Although the weapon had a generous magazine capacity of 20 rounds and high mechanical accuracy, its many shortcomings quickly became apparent. Its high manufacturing cost, need for lubricated ammunition, and its frequent malfunctions when exposed to the slightest amount of dirt not only prevented it from reaching the trenches, but also made it less suitable in the air when compared to the cheaper, more reliable Mondragon rifle. As a result, only about 1000 of these rifles were obtained.

Battlefield 1Edit

"Originally designated for use on planes, this German semi-automatic rifle is known for its high accuracy."
— In-game Description

Two variants of the Selbstlader M1916 are featured in Battlefield 1 for the Medic kit. It made its appearance during the Gamescom Livestream event hosted by EA.

Selbstlader M1916 ArtilleryEdit

The Selbstlader M1916 Artillery is equipped with a magnified leaf sight, a foregrip and a bayonet.

Selbstlader M1916 SharpshooterEdit

The Sharpshooter variant is equipped with a medium power optic, a foregrip and a bayonet. Its higher magnification sight grants better accuracy at longer range over the artillery sight.

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