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Shorty 12G

The Serbu Super Shorty in real life. (Note the folded Foregrip).

The Serbu Super Shorty is a compact, stockless, pump-action shotgun chambered in 12-gauge. Most production models are based on the Mossberg Maverick 88 shotgun, though some are made from the Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 as well. It features a spring-loaded, folding foregrip.

Battlefield 4Edit

The Shorty 12G is a sidearm featured in Battlefield 4 and is the fourth unlockable sidearm. It and Mare's Leg are the only sidearms not classified as a handgun. It has the fastest rate of fire of all pump-action shotguns, but is balanced by its small ammo capacity, low pellet count, and inability to use different ammo types. 

It has a small capacity at 3 rounds, one in the chamber and two in the magazine, at the advantage of high close-range power, potentially killing an enemy in one hit. It shares unlockable sights with handguns such as the Ghost Ring Sight, Mini (RDS), and Delta (RDS). It can also equip various laser sights and flashlights.

Much like other shotguns, it can equip choke attachments, such as the Duckbill, Modified Choke, and Full Choke. However, it is restricted to Buckshot and cannot use any other ammo types. Uniquely, both the Modified and Full chokes are unlocked by default.

Since it lacks any iron sights, the Shorty 12G cannot be aimed unless a sight is equipped, restricting the player to hipfire. Shorty 12G kills count towards shotguns, not handguns, and level up Shotgun progression.



  • Despite requiring handgun kills to unlock, kills earned with this weapon count towards shotguns. This trait is also shared with the M26 MASS, which requires Assault score.
  • Although it is a secondary weapon, it cannot be fired while swimming in water, as unlike handguns, it requires both hands to use.
  • Its reloading animations are identical to that of the 870 MCS

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