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A real-life shovel.

A shovel allows its user to dig into soil. During the Vietnam War, North Vietnamese forces made extensive use of hand-dug tunnels allowing them to discreetly travel and transport materiel, safe from detection or attack by air.

A specific kind of folding shovel used by military forces is the "entrenching tool".

Battlefield VietnamEdit

The Shovel is gadget featured in Battlefield Vietnam, used by the Engineer kit. It is used to create a mobile spawn point for the North Vietnamese Army.

Unlike other gadgets that are equipped on the player, the shovel spawns at the base, and must be carried by an Engineer to the desired location. It is usually found near a manhole (leading into the tunnel that is implied to be created by the player).

It can be picked up with the Pick up kit key (default "G"). Once the player is ready to use the shovel (the opposing team's flag, for instance) the player then selects it and presses the Fire button. Once placed, the shovel acts as a spawn point for the player's team.

The spawn point created by the shovel can be destroyed by enemies using explosives.


Battlefield HardlineEdit

The Shovel is a blunt weapon introduced in the Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal expansion. Functioning in a similar manner to the Fire Axe, it has a long swing time and is a one-hit kill when obtaining a successful strike against an enemy.

The shovel is only capable of performing a Non-Lethal Takedown against enemies in prone

The Gold Shovel is unlocked upon completion of the Gravedigger Syndicate assignment.

Battlefield 1Edit

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"The small size of shovels made them suitable for melee combat in the trenches. One edge was often sharpened to make them able to cut into the enemy."
— In-Game Description

The Shovel is a melee weapon featured in Battlefield 1.

As a weapon, it performs similarly to the hatchet, delivering 80 damage to the front, and 100 damage to other angles. Kills with the shovel will also award the victim's dog tag.

Since many of the melee weapons are expected to have secondary functions, it remains to be seen what exact function the shovel will serve.



  • Because of lack of information on how to use the gadget in Battlefield Vietnam it was rarely used in the first months following release.

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