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The Siege of Khe Sahn is a map featured in Battlefield Vietnam loosely based on the Battle of Khe Sanh that took place during the Vietnam War.


"February 29th, 1968 - For 77 days, the North pounded on the Khe Sahn Combat Base hoping to repeat their victory over the French at Dien Bien Phu. The NVA tried everything to break the U.S. resolve. Eventually, the U.S. used creative artillery tactics to break the siege and repel the N.V.A."


Khe Sanh is a mission map. Khe Sanh Combat Base is worth three times as much as any other base. Control five bases or Khe Sanh and two other bases and the opposing team will constantly lose tickets.


26th Marines insignia
Flag of the United States 26th Marine Regiment, United States Marine Corps
Light vehicle(s)
Armored personnel carrier(s)
Fixed-wing aircraft
Flag of North Vietnam North Vietnamese Army 325th C Division
Light vehicle(s)
Main battle tank(s)
Light tank(s)
Fixed-wing aircraft



Khe Sahn Combat BaseEdit

Khe Sahn VillageEdit


Lang Vei BaseEdit

Hill 689Edit

French FortEdit

Ca Lu Bridge CampEdit


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