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SF1079 SangreDelToro

Preston, upon finding Sierra Foxtrot 1079.

Sierra Foxtrot 1079 (serial number SF1079) is a crucial component to the functioning of the Scalar Weapon. It is first seen in the hands of Watanabe during Operation Aurora when the Marine squad first finds him, and when they escape on the submarine. By unknown means, it finds itself inside the Sangre Del Toro, which is eventually found by Preston Marlowe during a mission of the same name in the Atacama Desert. The canister is apparently the last piece of the Scalar Weapon the Russians needed to complete it. It also makes multiple appearances in the following mission, No One Gets Left Behind. The first is when Flynn's UH-60 Black Hawk is critically damaged after being hit by a Javelin, causing the canister to roll out of the chopper, in which Preston leaps out after it and deploys his parachute when the player has control. The canister's second appearance occurs when Preston and Sweetwater regroup with Sergeant Redford and Haggard, as Preston holds in in the air as a celebration. Its last appearance occurs at the final cutscene when Redford hands it over to Aguire, who then in turn hands it to Arkady Kirilenko. It is likely to also have another appearance in Airborne, being a part of the Scalar weapon, but the canister itself is not seen.


  • In Cold War, a similar canister appears in the box that was in back of the M939 Truck that the squad stole. However, General Braidwood claims that it was a fake ("a dry run" according to Braidwood) in the following cutscene of the mission.