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"Take part in one of the biggest tank assaults of World War 1. The French 10th Army moves to take back Soissons using their powerful Saint Chamond tanks. Planes, tanks, and infantry clash in the beautiful French countryside in the early hours of a hot summer day."

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Soissons is a map featured in the Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass expansion. It takes place in the Allied counter-offensive of the Second Battle of the Marne during the Battle of Soissons in 1918.



The Char 2C super-heavy tank is featured as the map's behemoth.

Control PointsEdit

Control Point Frontlines Conquest Domination Operations Rush
Côte 166 Trenches BF1 French Army Icon 1A
Cravançon Watermill A 1B
Ploisy Chapel Ruin D 2A
Chaudun Village A B 2B
Outskirts B
Lübeck Trench C
Pernant Chateau E 3A
Servant's Quarters C BF1 German Empire Icon 3B
Vierzy Depot 4A
Junction D
Aerodrome E 4B
Cravançon Farm A
South Chaudun B
North Chaudun C


Unlike the other maps in They Shall Not Pass, Soissons uses a five-flag layout. Combat occurs in the lower part of the map, from Cravançon Watermill to the Aerodrome. The high ridge and Chateau Pernant are kept out of bounds.



Flag of the German Empire German Empire
Light vehicle(s)

2 Horses
1 MC 3.5HP Sidecar
1 EV4 Armored Car


2 FT-17/Mark V/A7V/Artillery Truck/St Chamond/Putilov-Garford

Fixed-wing aircraft

1 Dr.1 Scout/Halberstadt CL.II/Gotha G.IV/Ilya-Muromets

FLAG OF FRANCE French Republic
Light vehicle(s)

2 Horses
1 MC 18J Sidecar
1 RNAS Armored Car


2 FT-17/Mark V/A7V/Artillery Truck/St Chamond/Putilov-Garford

Fixed-wing aircraft

1 SPAD S.XIII/Salmson 2/Caproni Ca.5/Ilya-Muromets

Light vehicle(s)

2 Horses (A and E)


Char 2C (Behemoth)


Maxim MG
FK 96

Battle pickup(s)

Trench Raider
Tankgewehr M1918


German Empire Edit


The German deployment is in the map's northern corner, and contains several buildings including two barns that are within a surrounding wall. It is directly adjacent to the maps' E flag, Pernant Chateau. It also contains an AA gun.

French Republic Edit


The French deploy in the map's southern corner, on the top of a hill. It features a small village with 3 buildings and a trench that wraps around the northern edge of the village. It is the highest point on the map, and looks directly down upon the A and B flags, Cravançon Watermill. Like the German Empire's deployment, the deployment contains an AA gun.

Flags Edit

Cravançon Watermill and Pernant Chateau each spawn 1 Horse for whoever controls the flag.

Cravançon Watermill Edit


Connected to the stream that flows through the map, the watermill features a large house with a water wheel, giving the flag its name. Across a small courtyard, which contains a wagon and a wheelbarrow for cover, is a small, single-room building and a large barn.

Chaudun Village Edit


Downstream from the watermill, the village is split down the middle by the stream. The village features several buildings and alleyways which provides for close-quarters combat throughout the town. The Trench Raider kit also spawns here, behind a house near the bridge. There is also an AA gun on the eastern side of the flag.

Lübeck Trench Edit


The flag features a snaking trench system and a large open area on the roof of the trench, which is where the flag is positioned. However, this open area is protected by sections of sandbags, giving ample cover from the surrounding areas. The trench system also has very high walls, further protecting the objective from outside fire. There is an AA gun on the western side of the flag.

Ploisy Chapel Ruin Edit


Situated on top of a hill, this flag features several overgrown, destroyed walls and some rubble. The flag is protected on three sides by the ruined walls, with the fourth side being open, but with slight cover from a hill. On its southern side, there is a small trench system. The flag overlooks both the C flag (Lübeck Trench) and the E flag (Pernant Chateau). The Tank Hunter kit spawns here, and the flag contains a field gun on the southwestern side of the area.

Pernant Chateau Edit


This flag's main feature is a large Chateau, which is surrounded by a sort of moat, with 4 bridges leading to the chateau. On its northeastern side, the flag contains a large courtyard with a statue in the middle and a field gun, while its southwestern edge features some artillery pieces, a courtyard, a pond, an AA gun, and another statue.


The Chaudun Village is used as the playable area for this game mode.


Soissons serves as the opening map on the operation "Beyond the Marne", with French forces attacking German occupiers.

Sector 1Edit

Sector 2Edit

Sector 3Edit

Sector 4Edit

Following capture of the final sector, combat continues in Rupture.

One plane is allowed per team on this map.




  • The map heavily compresses the space between multiple points of interest in the Soissonnais, the region around the city of Soissons. The actual combat stretched over miles.
  • Cravançon, Chaudun, Ploisy, and Pernant are all locations that took place in the real Battle of Soissons. The Cravançon Watermill and the Pernant Chateau are both based on real structures at these locations, while Chaudun is directly layouted after real photographs.[1]
  • Destroyed planes found near Pernant Chateau are inspired real photographs of a destroyed airfield near Pernant.[1]
  • An easter egg is hidden on the Pernant Chateau that awards the "A Conflict" dog tag when completed.
  • In the game files this map is named MP_Fields.
  • Two baskets of easter eggs can be found on this map.
  • When weather changes to rain, the stream running through the map rises. Players have to swim when crossing on foot, and the watermill captures more energy from the flow.[2]