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The Soldier is a class in Battlefield Heroes. The Soldier specializes in the use of submachine guns and shotguns. It is roughly Heroes' counterpart to the Assault and Medic Kits.


The Soldier has 5 abilities:

6 Sense
Sixth Sense: You and your team will be able to see the location of all nearby enemies for a short time.
Burning Bullets
Burning Bullets: Shots from the player's submachine gun will set enemies on fire, slowly taking their health down over time until the fire goes out (or use/receive Combat Medicine).
Combat Medic
Combat Medicine: Instantly heals the player and nearby allies. The amount healed scales to the amount of players healed.
Granade Spam
Grenade Spam: The player throws multiple grenades at a target.
Blasting Strike
Blasting Strike: The player strikes with such force that all nearby players and vehicles are thrown aside.
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