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For customization pertaining to player classes, see Class Customization

Soldier Customization is a feature in the Battlefield Series that allows a player's soldier to have distinct appearance in the Battlefield.

Battlefield: VietnamEdit

Soldier Customization first appeared in Battlefield Vietnam. The options change from faction to faction, but they don't give the player any tactical advantage. When picking a player's class and weapons they had the ability to choose from two body types and two head types.

  • Head - Changes the character's head, changing it from either Helmet, Boonie Hat, etc.
  • Body - Changes the character's skin color for US and makes them sleeveless and giving the NVA and VC the option to be shirtless it also gives the South Vietnam forces the choice of rolled up sleeves.

Battlefield 2142Edit

Players in Battlefield 2142 could choose between light or heavy body armor, visible in the player model.

Battlefield HeroesEdit

Main article: Battlefield Heroes Customization

Customization is a major feature in the free-to-play game Battlefield Heroes, allowing customization of a character's facial looks: hair, mustache, skin color, clothing, and mannerisms (taunts, waves, and other gestures).

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

Customization was extremely limited in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, as the only thing that can be changed were weapon skins and character skin under the "SPECACT" pack and the weapons applicable were: M16A2, MG3, UMP-45 and M95.

Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

Main article: Battlefield Play4Free Customization

Battlefield Play4Free features similar system to Battlefield Heroes, with the customization options being purely cosmetic. Certain customization options are only exclusive to either the United States Marine Corps or the Russian Ground Forces.

Battlefield 3Edit

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Battlefield 3 returns with a more open customization system similar to Battlefield: Bad Company 2's, this time offering a much larger variety of soldier appearances in the form of multiple camouflage patterns that are unlocked as the player progresses. Weapon camouflage is only available to Battlefield Premium users, through assignments available for certain weapons.

Both factions' camouflage patterns are different patterns even for the same customization choice. For example the Default Camo is MARPAT Desert for USMC, while it is SURPAT for the Russian Army.

Premium players also receive additional dogtag options and the ACB-90 as a permanent replacement for the default Knife.

Battlefield 4Edit

Main article: Battlefield 4 Customization

By unlocking additional options through progression or Battlepacks, Battlefield 4 players can customize their soldier's weapon attachments, dog tags, and camouflage.

Some weapon attachments have alternatives that are visually distinct, and may also vary in function. Soldier camouflage is also expanded from Battlefield 3. Players can now create Emblems that can be displayed on vehicles and killcards, and appear on uniforms and weapons as well.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

Main article: Battlefield Hardline Customization

Customization in Battlefield Hardline retuns and functions in a manner similar to Battlefield 4.