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An MEC Specialist with a TRCR-357 in Battlefield: Bad Company

"Most effective when engaged in close combat and sabotage."
— in game description.

The Specialist Kit is a playable class featured in Battlefield: Bad Company. It functions similar to the Special Forces kit from Battlefield 2.

Like the Spec Ops Kit, the Specialist Kit is a stealth-based sabotage class fit for close range engagements, consisting of submachine guns or compact rifles, all of which come silenced. The kit also contains high explosives which can be used to destroy enemy vehicles or structures.


Primary weapon SCAR-L (US Army)
AKS-74U (Russian Army)
9A-91 (Middle Eastern Coalition)
PP-2000 (unlockable)
UMP-45 (unlockable)
XM8 Compact (Rank 25 or Gold Edition)
UZI (Find All Five: Reach Rank 4 in Battlefield: Bad Company demo or Universal Code: cov3r1ngthecorn3r)
Secondary weapon TRCR-357
Gadget one DTN-4 (unlockable)
Gadget two HG-2
Equipment one KNIV-1

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