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Spiked Mace

Various trench raiding clubs: a spiked club, trench mace, and club.

Trench raiding clubs were homemade mêlée weapons used by both the Allies and the Central Powers during World War I. Clubs were used during nighttime trench raiding expeditions as a quiet and effective way of killing or wounding enemy soldiers. The clubs were usually made out of wood. It was common practice to fix a metal object at the striking end in order to maximize the injury inflicted.

Another common design comprised a simple stave with the end drilled out and a lead weight inserted, with rows of large hobnails hammered in around its circumference. Most designs had some form of cord or leather strap at the end to wrap around the user's wrist. Bosnian soldiers serving in the Austro-Hungarian army were fond of using maces. They were also used by officers to finish enemy soldiers wounded by poison gas attacks.[1]

Battlefield 1Edit

"Many soldiers in the trenches fashioned crude clubs and fitted spikes or other sharp objects onto them to make them even deadlier."
— In-game description

The Spiked Club is a melee weapon set to be featured in Battlefield 1, appearing in many of the trailers and promotional art. Along with the regular club and trench mace, it has moderate stats for damage, speed, and killzone. It shares the ability to inflict damage against wooden objects and light armor with the heavy-hitting pickaxe.



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