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For the Specialization, see SPRINT

Sprint, in the Battlefield Series, is the ability to temporarily increase traveling speed.

Sprint was introduced in Battlefield 2. To sprint, the player holds the assigned key, which is usually set to Shift on the PC and by depressing the left analog stick on console controllers. While players cannot shoot while sprinting, in some games, they can reload while sprinting by starting the reload sequence before sprinting. Some single-handed weapons such as knives and detonators may be used while sprinting, but may cause the player to drop to normal movement speed.

Battlefield 2Edit

In Battlefield 2, jets can use afterburners to temporarily boost. This feature can be useful when trying to avoid ground defences, other jets and homing missiles. Players can also sprint for a certain amount of time.

The ability to sprint is limited, and is represented by a Sprint Meter. The meter is drained by sprinting and jumping—when exhausted, the player cannot sprint (but can still jump) and makes gasping and wheezing sounds. The meter is regained over time by not sprinting, and, in some games, not jumping as well.

Boosting for vehicles is similar: boost is limited, drained with use, and regained with non-use.

Battlefield 2142Edit

The player can sprint and has a stamina meter, as in Battlefield 2. Players can trade heavy body armor for increased stamina. Two unlocks provide the player with increased stamina and faster recovery.

Battlefield HeroesEdit

Unlike in most other Battlefield games, players cannot sprint by default. However, two abilities allow certain classes to sprint:

  • Gunner: Leg It – provides a speed bonus for a length of time. This can be increased by spending Hero Points on the ability. Leg It can also affect nearby teammates and team vehicles, though for a reduced period of time.
  • Commando: Elixir – also provides a health bonus, but limited to just affecting the Commando class.

Battlefield: Bad CompanyEdit

The sprint feature returns in Battlefield: Bad Company, allowing players to quickly traverse the large expanses of open ground in the game. This is a very useful feature for the Support kit, or the player when armed with a light machine gun in singleplayer, as the light machine gun slows the player down when moving normally, and as a result sprinting is almost necessary to help participate in most multiplayer attacks. In both singleplayer and multiplayer, sprinting can be used infinitely, but due to the fact that the analog stick has to be held down constantly, the sprint function can seem limited.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

Sprinting returns in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, again being unlimited. However, compared to the previous Bad Company, the reduced amount of open space in both singleplayer and multiplayer makes the function more about darting across small open spaces rather than the large expanses of open terrain as in previous games. However, in maps such as Oasis, Harvest Day and the multiplayer version of Heavy Metal, where the maps resemble those from the previous Bad Company more closely, sprinting is almost always needed if the player cannot find a vehicle.

Players can also reload while sprinting, as in Battlefield: Bad Company, but there is a visible animation instead of the weapon reloading without the animation. This makes reloading in combat considerably easier, as players can try to retreat or change position, and not have to reload afterwards. Unlike the previous Bad Company, players can sprint without having to constantly hold down the sprint button.

Sprinting speed can be increased by equipping the Lightweight Combat Equipment specialization.

Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

In Battlefield Play4Free sprinting is allowed to all classes by pressing the Shift button (default). It is very similar to Battlefield: Bad Company 2, being unlimited and having the ability to reload. Players can increase their sprint speed by spending points in the Increase Sprint Speed Training option.

Battlefield 3Edit

Sprinting is available to all players in Battlefield 3 and has unlimited duration. Players can sprint diagonally by holding left or right, allowing the ability to look to one side while sprinting, or passing around an obstacle while looking in the same direction.

The SPRNT and SQD SPRNT specializations increase the speed at which a player or player's squad can sprint.

Battlefield 4Edit

Sprinting returns in Battlefield 4 and is available to all players. Players also now have the ability to sprint while swimming at the water's surface.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

Sprinting is unchanged in Battlefield Hardline.

Battlefield 1Edit

All improvements to sprinting remain in Battlefield 1. Players can now sprint at certain doors to bash them open, potentially surprising occupants within. However, more noise is made than if the player opened the door normally, making it easier for the building's occupants to be warned. Players can also slide-to-crouch while sprinting, allowing them to slide a meter before crouching instead of doing it instantly like before.

As bayonets can now be affixed to weapons, players using them gain the ability to charge.


  • After sprinting for some time, the player's character will make heavy breathing noises as if they are slowly becoming exhausted. This will gradually stop if the player stops sprinting, or slows down and allows their character to 'catch their breath.'
  • Unlike games in other series, sprinting speed is unchanged when the knife is equipped.
  • In Battlefield 3, the animation for landing from a jump or fall makes the character move forward at a faster speed than sprinting.  Therefore if jumps are constantly made while sprinting then an overall speed faster than sprinting is achieved.

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