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Battlefield 4Edit

Squad Promotion is a commander resource in Battlefield 4 as a part of the squad asset loop that can be purchased by a Commander for one segment of his own progression bar and then issued to a squad. It advances each individual squad member's Upgrade Path to the next unlock.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

Squad Upgrade
BFHL Squad Upgrade
Unlocked at
  • Version 1.0 - Default
  • Version 2.0 - Bronze Service Star 9
Special feature(s) Promotes every squad member's reputation
"Boost the Reputation of every Squad member to the next tier by upgrading their firmware. Version 2 reduces active memory, increasing cooldown speed."
— Version 2.0 In-Game Description

Squad Upgrade is a hacker resource featured in Battlefield Hardline. It functions in a similar manner to the Squad Promotion from Battlefield 4, promoting all members of a squad to the next Reputation tier. Upon unlocking version 2.0, the resource's cooldown speed increased.

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