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Stug III in Parola Museum.

The Sturmgeschütz, more specifically the Sturmgeschütz III (abbreviated to StuG III), was a German assault gun designed in 1940 and used by European Axis-aligned armed forces during World War II. The StuG III was essentially a mobile artillery piece used to assault enemy fortifications while supporting infantry. It used a Panzer III chassis, which provided up to 80mm armor, and it used a long 75mm cannon as its main armament, and a secondary MG34.

Battlefield 1942Edit

The Sturmgeschütz is a vehicle featured in the Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome expanson as the new Axis heavy tank/combat support vehicle, issued to the Wehrmacht and the Royal Italian Army. The Sturmgeschütz's gunner is better defended then an average tank's gunner,thanks to an fixed armor plate which turns with the MG42.


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