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Sturmtiger IRL

Sturmtiger in real life.

The Sturmtiger (English: Assault tiger) was a German assault gun designed by the Altmärkische Kettenfabrik (Alkett) in 1943-1944. Only 18 full-production models were built. It was a modified superstructure fitted with a 380mm naval rocket launcher built on Tiger I's chassis, designed for urban warfare, and as such was comprised of thick 150mm frontal armor and 82mm rear armor.

Battlefield 1942Edit

The Sturmtiger is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII, as a new heavy tank issued to the Wehrmacht and the German Elite Forces. It is used alongside the Tiger. Only one player can drive the vehicle and they control all of its weapons.

Its armament consists of an main cannon and a co-axial machine gun. It does not have a turret like other German tanks, therefore its cannon can only move around a few degrees on its own, otherwise the tank must rotate itself. Its cannon is extremely powerful, and is equal to the projectile of a destroyer or a defgun, similar to the T95.