The Su-34 in real life.

The Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback is a Fixed-Wing Aircraft that appears in Battlefield 2. It is the a two-seated fighter-bomber developed by Russian company Sukhoi (Сухой) as a replacement for the Su-24 ground attack fighter.

Battlefield 2Edit

Su-34 Fullback
Vehicle passengers Pilot
(2 total)
Main weapon GSh-30-1 30mm automatic cannon
Main weapon firemode Automatic
Main weapon ammunition per reload 300
Secondary weapon Vympel R-73 heat-seeking missiles
FAB-250 high-drag bombs
Secondary weapon firemode Single-fire (Vympel R-73 heat-seeking missiles)
5 bombs are dropped at once (FAB-250 high-drag bombs)
Secondary weapon ammunition per reload 4 (Vympel R-73 heat-seeking missiles)
5 (FAB-250 high-drag bombs)
Passenger weapon Kh-29 laser-guided missiles
Passenger weapon firemode Single-fire
Passenger weapon ammunition per reload 4
Countermeasures Flares
Vehicle speed Fast
Vehicle maneuverability Medium
Camouflage(s) Desert
Operators MEC Middle Eastern Coalition

The Su-34 is the ground attack fighter for the MEC. It is similar to the USMC/EU F-15E Strike Eagle and the PLA Su-30 Flanker C, in both armaments and maneuverability. Like its counterparts, it is best used as an anti-tank or ground attack bomber, and is not suited for air combat against fighters, due to low maneuverability and fewer missile capacity. A second player can enter the Su-34 and is armed with laser guided missiles which can lock onto ground targets.


The Su-34 can be used to bomb high traffic areas of the map and to support armor on the offensive. The second player can use the TV camera mounted underneath the fuselage help spot possible targets for the pilot to attack.

It is best not to dogfight while in a fighter-bomber in Battlefield 2, as jet fighters have an distinct advantage over you in missiles and speed, although a dogfight against another fighter-bomber is fairly matched. Nevertheless, it comes down to the skill of the pilot and of the opposing pilot that determines who is the victor in a dogfight.

As with all fixed-wing aircraft in the game, the Su-34 can easily dispatch helicopters with a burst of cannon fire or two air-to-air missiles. It is recommended to fire a burst of cannon fire onto the helicopter, as it may have flares ready.

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