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Suez is a map featured in Battlefield 1. It features the United Kingdom and Ottoman Empire factions in battle at Kantara, Egypt, the site of the British Army's supply depot at the Suez Canal. It is set during the Ottoman Raid on the Suez Canal in 1915.

On November 27th, 2017, the gamemode Frontlines became officially supported on Suez.[1]


Suez is a map concentrated on the city of Kantara, situated along the Suez Canal. It bears little resemblance to any of the battles in earlier Battlefield titles, long after the canal was expanded.


The map's Behemoth is a shortened Armored Train. It runs along the canal to the west of the map, about 50 meters from Kantara. Currently, the train is unable to capture points in Conquest mode.

Control PointsEdit

Control Point Conquest Domination Operations Rush
British Deployment BF1 United Kingdom Icon
Ferry Post 1A
Oasis BF1 United Kingdom Icon 1BSector 1
East Bank Trenches A 2ASector 2
Wireless Station 2B
Kantara Redoubt A 3A
Southern Kantara B B 3BSector 3
Southern Outskirts C
Central Redoubts C BF1 Sentry Icon
Northern Kantara D 4ASector 4
Hill 50 Battery E 4BSector 5
Ottoman Deployment BF1 Ottoman Empire Icon



Flag of the United Kingdom British Empire
Light vehicle(s)

3 Horses
1 RNAS Armored Car


1 FT-17/Mark V/A7V/Artillery Truck

Flag of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire
Light vehicle(s)

3 Horses
1 RAC Armored Car


3 FT-17/Mark V/A7V/Artillery Truck

Self-propelled artillery

Armored Train (Behemoth)


Maxim MG
FK 96

Battle pickup(s)

MG 08/15


British DeploymentEdit

The British Empire deploys from the south of a trench maze aside a small Oasis.

Ottoman DeploymentEdit

The Ottoman Empire deploys from dunes beyond Hill 50.


East Bank TrenchesEdit

The East Bank trenches flag is located inside a maze of trenches constructed from within the desert. The trenches provide substantial cover from enemy fire with the surrounding area offering essentially no cover, creating a no man's land easily attacked from the buildings at Southern Kantara.

Southern KantaraEdit

The flag is located in the town center of a small settlement. The capture radius for this flag only insides the two story building found beside the flag and the surrounding area. The large number of buildings provide many spots for enemy players to hide from paroling players. This forces players to be ever vigilant if the next adjacent flag is captured as it will be easy for enemies to sneak up and dispatch players. Unlike other areas of the map, the roofs of a few buildings within the settlement feature machine gun emplacements which are very effective at anti-personnel fire.

Central RedoubtsEdit

This flag is located in the center of the map, right after the outskirts of Southern Kantara, to the east of a large sand dune. This sand dune provides substantial cover from Northern Kantara and makes it exceptionally difficult for the Ottomans to capture this if not captured early. As a result, it is very common for defending players on the British team to take position on the top of the dune as snipers or mortar operators.

A small stone structure surrounds the western side of the flag, providing cover from enemies who manage to make it on top of the sand dune. The Sentry Elite kit is located here as well as a Field Gun. Two more field guns are located on the southern side, one at each end.

Northern KantaraEdit

This flag is located in a small settlement similar to South Kantara. Unlike South Kantara, however, the flag is found along the main roadway running through the settlement. The majority of the capture radius lies outside the settlements buildings, forcing players to be actively searching for enemy players hiding within. These buildings also make ideal spots for players to dispatch defenders positioned on the sand dune aside Central Redoubts. Compared to the two adjacent flags, this flag lies on low ground and in close proximity to the railroad and is the the target for enemy snipers and armored train fire.

Hill 50 BatteryEdit

An elevated position containing (unusable) artillery guns. Interior earthwork defenses separate the battery into sections, preventing counter-artillery from completely clearing the position, and making it difficult to capture the flag from just one section. Short walls and barbed wire also allow infantry to repel threats downhill. From Hill 50, defenders can engage targets in Northern Kantara and the eastern dunes.


Suez is the second map in Oil of Empires in Operations. Similar to the previous map, Fao Fortress, the British Empire are the attackers while the Ottoman Empire are the defenders.

Sector 1Edit

Ottoman forces take up positions around an oasis as British forces enter the area. Attackers must crest a series of dunes splitting the field diagonally from northeast to southwest. One of the low-lying areas extends far along the east side, including Oasis. The Ferry Post along the railway contains two train cars, a set of field guns, and a small building. The railway drops off towards the canal bank, allowing both sides some cover from the dunes.

The British bring two heavy vehicles into battle.

Sector 2Edit

The Ottomans retreat into trench lines preventing advance into Kantara. The East Bank Trenches run parallel to the railway, and contain a small communication trench leading to the Wireless Station. Tall dunes continue to flow around the trenches, and the Ottomans can also make use of buildings at Southern Kantara containing machine gun and field gun positions with good sight into the East Bank.

Sector 3Edit

Falling back to Southern Kantara, forces now rely on urban combat skills. The isolated structures at Kantara Redoubt can provide a safer entrance into the city than the dunes.

The Ottomans are granted a tank at this stage.

Sector 4Edit

After breaking through, British forces now attempt to secure Northern Kantara and the battery at Hill 50. The two control points are much further apart, often requiring Northern Kantara to be held before making the final push.

Should the British manage to clear Suez, they continue on to Sinai Desert, the last map of the operation.


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Sector 1Edit

Sector 2Edit

Sector 3Edit

Sector 4Edit

Sector 5Edit


Domination and all small game modes take place around the southern urban cluster of Kantara, cutting off the Trench Line and Central Redoubt.

Kantara RedoubtEdit

The Kantara Redoubt is found on the south-west side of the city. A number of small buildings located within the capture zone provide most of the cover, however the alleyways in between them can be fired upon from the many tall rooftops of the surrounding area.

Southern KantaraEdit

This objective is found in the middle of the town, with the capture zone comprising a large building as well as a nearby walled garden. The many routes to this objective as well as its placement in the direct center of the map makes it a bitterly contested objective. A Flametrooper kit spawns nearby.

Southern OutskirtsEdit

The Southern Outskirts objective concerts a couple of buildings on the town's northern extremities, one rectangular, one L-shaped. Both provide roof access which the capture radius extends to, although they can be demolished with explosives. A walled alleyway around the eastern side provides an additional access route.



  • The map originally featured three flags, making it one of the smallest maps in the game. The November 2016 patch increased the number of Conquest flags to five, transforming the original British and Ottoman deployments into flags while pushing the new deployments further away, and adding armored cars. Testing continues in the CTE to determine a map layout that reduces the occurrence of stalemates and deadlocks.
  • On April 1, 2017, for April Fools on CTE for a limited time, DICE modified this map putting a meteor between A and B flags and added a unicorn skin to the Horses.[2]