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A support action in the Battlefield series is any beneficial action given to a teammate.

Support actions are available in every Battlefield game, but were given greater emphasis in Battlefield 2 by awarding points for these efforts.

Players do not earn bonus points for performing these actions upon themselves or on empty vehicles. Players do earn extra points for supporting squadmates, as further incentive for teamwork.

List of support actionsEdit


Using a medkit to restore players' health.


Using a defibrillator to revive a downed player.


Using a wrench, repair tool or blowtorch to fix a vehicle, device, or strategic object belonging to the team.

For vehicles, another teammate must be occupying the vehicle in order to earn repair points. It is common courtesy for a player to enter a vehicle being repaired solely to allow the engineer to earn repair points, and to give back control when the repairs are done.


Providing ammunition via an Ammo Box.

Players only earn a finite number of resupply points for supplying a single player over one life. This prevents players from earning resupply points for wasting ammo or using grenade spam.

Support actions by gameEdit

Battlefield 2 eraEdit

Support actions earn points for every 50% of health restored.

Though a supply drop provides many forms of support, commanders do not earn teamwork points.

Bad Company eraEdit

Along with other scoring revamps, support actions are awarded for every 10% of health restored. This roughly corresponds to the points awarded for kill assists and other teamwork.

Battlefield HeroesEdit

Similar to Bad Company, players earn XP for support actions in an amount corresponding to the hit points restored to another player or vehicle.

Battlefield 3Edit

Battlefield 3 is the first game where players may swap out their support items for other gadgets.

Players can request or offer aid using the Spotting system, replacing the commands that were previously seen on the Commo Rose.

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