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The T-90 in reality.

The T-90 is a third generation Russian MBT (Main Battle Tank). It is a modernized version of the T-72 Tank and was originally called the "T-72BU" and later renamed, with the T-90A variants being featured in the Battlefield series. Production began in 1995 and is still ongoing today, it was designed by Kartsev-Venediktov and manufactured by Uralvagonzavod in Nizhny Tagil.

The T-90 is armed with a 2A46M 125mm smoothbore cannon, a coaxial PKT machine gun, and a remote controlled NSVT 12.7x108mm heavy machine gun (which was later replaced by the KORD heavy machine gun). The T-90 is currently in service with the Russian Ground Forces, as well as a number of other nations.

Battlefield 2Edit

BF2 T-90
Vehicle passengers Gunner (KORD)
Main weapon 2A46 125mm smoothbore gun
Main weapon reload time ~3 seconds
Main weapon firemode Single-shot
Main weapon ammunition per reload 40
Secondary weapon Unnamed MEC machinegun
Secondary weapon firemode Automatic
Secondary weapon ammunition per reload Unlimited
Passenger weapon KORD
Passenger weapon firemode Automatic
Passenger weapon ammunition per reload Unlimited
Countermeasures Smoke launchers
Vehicle speed Medium
Vehicle maneuverability Medium
Camouflage(s) Desert
Operators MEC Middle Eastern Coalition

The T-90 is a main battle tank of the Middle Eastern Coalition. It is the counterpart to the USMC M1A2 Abrams, the PLA Type 98, and the EU Leopard 2 and Challenger 2. The differences between the T-90 and the other main battle tanks in the game are almost purely cosmetic.

The MBTs are the heaviest land vehicles available to any of the factions. Armed with a cannon as its primary weapon, the T-90 is capable of doing significant damage to all manner of vehicle and infantry, although its slow rate of fire and inability to aim at a particularly steep angle make it unsuited to combat against aerial vehicles. As a secondary weapon, the T-90 is armed with a coaxial-mounted unnamed machinegun which is capable of killing an infantryman in just two rounds, but lacks the punch of the main cannon and has no explosive radius. The T-90's main cannon is equipped with only forty rounds to start, while the secondary weapon has infinite ammunition. However, the main cannon is limited only by the speed of the reload, while the coaxial machinegun has an overheat threshold where it will temporarily cease to be usable once overheated.

The passenger is armed with a cupola-mounted KORD, identical to the stationary KORD which is found as a static emplacement on certain maps, whose damage is higher than the coaxial MG's -- at 100 damage, making it a one-hit kill under the right conditions -- but whose rate of fire is noticeably lower than the coaxial's.

As with the other MBTs, the T-90 possesses a smoke-screen grenade which can lay down a field of smoke to break line of sight.


Battlefield 2: Modern CombatEdit

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The T-90 is one of two main battle tanks operated by the European Union in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. Its main counterparts are the USMC M1A2 Abrams, the EU Leopard 2A5, the MEC 2S25 Sprut, and the PLA Type 98.

Battlefield: Bad CompanyEdit


The T-90 in End of the Line in Conquest mode.

The T90 is a vehicle featured in Battlefield: Bad Company.


The T-90 is seen often throughout the beginning of the campaign. The player can find a drivable one in a Russian base in Crossing Over and a multitude are encountered during Par for the Course and Crash and Grab. Near the end of the game, these tanks are replaced by Black Eagle MBTs which are used by the MEC and Legionnaire Mercenaries.


The T-90 spawns regularly on multiple vehicle-based Conquest and Gold Rush maps. It has good balance between speed and armor, and its main cannon can prove to be the most powerful weapon in the game, but it lacks in maneuverability; a player can easily sneak up on it and place C4. However, a second player can jump in and command the machine gun for effective anti-infantry purposes.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

T-90 MBT
Vehicle health 1250
Vehicle armor TankArmorBC2
Main weapon 38M42 (MBT Main Cannon)
Main weapon damage *875 (impact);
  • 135 (blast, damage drops gradually after 1.5 meter radius up to 8 meters (does not affect heavy vehicles));
  • 350 (base damage against heavy vehicles)
Main weapon reload time 4 seconds
Main weapon rate of fire 15 rpm
Main weapon firemode Single-fire/Automatic
Secondary weapon PKT (Co-axial machine gun)
Secondary weapon damage CoaxialMGStatsBC2
Secondary weapon rate of fire 750 rpm
Secondary weapon firemode Automatic
Passenger weapon KORD 12.7MM
Passenger weapon damage HeavyMGStatsBC2
Passenger weapon rate of fire 550 rpm
Passenger weapon firemode Automatic
Smoke countermeasures effect Smoke Cloud
Vehicle speed Medium
Vehicle maneuverability Low
Camouflage(s) *Arctic
  • Desert
  • Woodland
Operators Russian Federation
"Russian Main Battle Tank (MBT) armed with a 125mm smoothbore cannon and 12.7mm HMG. The T-90 is just as capable if not superior to the M1 Abrams MBT."
— In-game description

The T90 is a vehicle featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


Several T90s can be seen traveling along a bridge in the background of the level Heavy Metal, but cannot be destroyed by the player. There is also a T-90 in the level Cold War that the player has to destroy with an air strike. However, if the player remains stationary for too long, it can kill the player.


The T-90 is the standard Russian main battle tank. The HUD for the T-90 is colored red, which makes it much easier to see than the M1A2 Abrams' green HUD due to increased contrast with the background. It also features numbered range markers as the reticle. While new players may feel this clutters the screen, the range markers are actually very useful for accurate targeting over range, especially with the High Power Optics Package (making the T-90's main gun easier to target with compared to the M1A2's which lacks a graduated HUD). The T-90 features two different camouflages, depending on context—a brown and green woodland when in jungle, desert, or plain regions, and a lighter white and green arctic camouflage in snowy conditions.

Like the M1A2, the T-90 can be upgraded with any of the vehicle specializations that the driver has equipped: Active Armor Upgrade (25% more health), Quick Reload Package (-15% reload time on the main cannon), Improved Warheads Package (25% more damage per shot), Alternate Weapon Package (adds a driver controlled 7.62mm LMG), Smoke Countermeasures Package (driver controlled smoke launchers, does not remove tracer darts), High Power Optics Package (gives the main gun 10X zoom) and the Electronic Warfare Package (gives the tank the ability to act as a motion sensor).





Battlefield Bad Company 2: iOSEdit

The T-90 is a vehicle featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 iOS. It is first encountered on the Search and Retrieve and the player has to target them with a laser designator for A-10 Thunderbolts to attack.

It is later available to use on Frosty Reception, after sniping the guards. It uses the same HUD as M1 Abrams.

Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

Vehicle health 1000
Main weapon 125MM GUN
Main weapon damage 300
Main weapon reload time 3 seconds
Main weapon firemode Single-fire/Automatic
Secondary weapon Co-axial machine gun
Secondary weapon damage *Close range 30-30
  • Medium range 25-25
  • Long range 20-20
Secondary weapon reload time 5 seconds
Secondary weapon rate of fire 450 rounds per minute
Secondary weapon firemode Automatic
Secondary weapon ammunition per reload 25 rounds
Passenger weapon KORD


Passenger weapon damage *Close range 23-23
  • Medium range 20-20
  • Long range 17-17
Passenger weapon reload time 3 seconds
Passenger weapon rate of fire 450 rounds per minute
Passenger weapon firemode Automatic
Passenger weapon ammunition per reload 50 rounds
Countermeasures Smoke Cloud
Vehicle speed Medium
Vehicle maneuverability Low
Operators Russian Army Flag of the Russian ground forces

The T90 is a main battle tank featured in Battlefield Play4Free for the Russian Army. Its main cannon is an effective anti-tank weapon and a co-axial machine gun can be equipped spending at least one point in the Tank Coaxial Machinegun training option; the passenger's weapon is a KORD.

Battlefield 3Edit

Vehicle health 1000
Disable threshold 50%
Vehicle passengers Driver
Commander (CITV Station)
(2 total without CITV Station, 3 total with CITV Station)
Vehicle armor Reactive Armor (83200 points)
Main weapon 2A46 125mm smoothbore gun
Main weapon ammunition per reload AP Shells

Guided Shell (33200 points)
Canister Shell (68100 points)

Secondary weapon Coaxial LMG (PKT, 2100 points)
Coaxial HMG (KORD, 17700 points)
Passenger weapon KORD
Second passenger weapon CITV Station (100000 points)
Sensors Proximity Scan (24700 points)
Countermeasures IR Smoke (800 points)
Vehicle speed 38 km/h
55 km/h (boost)
Camouflage(s) Thermal Camo (54800 points)
Operators Flag of IranIslamic Republic of Iran Army(SP)
Flag of Russia Russian Ground Forces(MP)
"The T-90 is derived from the T-72, and the most modern tank in service with the Russian Ground Forces and Naval Infantry."
— Battlelog description

The T-90A is a main battle tank featured in Battlefield 3 for the Russian Ground Forces.


The T-90A first appears in the singleplayer mission Operation Guillotine, where it ambushes Misfit 1-3, forcing them to evade it before it is destroyed by a Javelin. The player is later required to destroy three T-90As that are defending the plaza of the Metropolitan Bank with the Javelin to proceed.


The T-90A, being the Russian equivalent of the M1A2 Abrams, is initially equipped with the smoothbore cannon for the driver, and a remote-controlled machine gun for the passenger. The driver can sprint to increase the speed of the vehicle, though increasing the turning radius. Sprinting also allows the tank to ascend inclines that it couldn't normally manage. Sprinting, however, increases the damage the tank receives from enemy MBTs.

The CITV Scan specialization may allow a third teammate to enter the vehicle. It should be noted that the T-90A is actually smaller than the M1 Abrams.






Battlefield 4Edit

BF4 t90
Vehicle health 1000
Disable threshold 10%
Vehicle passengers Driver
Vehicle armor Reactive Armor (55000 points)
Main weapon 2A46 125mm smoothbore gun
Main weapon ammunition per reload 1+4

AP Shells
HE Shells (25000 points)
Guided Shell (12000 points)
Canister Shell (46000 points)
STAFF Shell (58000 points)
Sabot Shell (64000 points)

Secondary weapon Coaxial LMG (PKT, default)
Coaxial HMG (KORD, 39000 points)
Tertiary weapon Gunner Incendiary(67000 points)
Passenger weapon KORD
Sensors Proximity Scan (17000 points)
Countermeasures IR Smoke (default)
Smokescreen (29000 points)
Active Protection (69000 points)
Vehicle speed 40 KPH Standard; 56 KPH Max
Camouflage(s) Thermal Camo (7000 points)
Dogtag BF4 T-90A Master Dog Tag
Operators Flag of Russia Russian Ground Forces(MP)

The T-90A is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 4 and is the Russian equivalent of the M1 Abrams and Type 99 MBT.


In singleplayer the T-90 appears once during Tashgar, before the player arriving to the USMC firebase, a T-90 will be fire upon the player after eliminating some RGF troops, a few SMAW are laying around to take it out.


In Multiplayer, the T-90 serves as the RGF Main Battle Tank. It is the Russian counterpart to the USMC's M1 Abrams and the PLA Type 99. The T-90, like the Type 99, has a lower profile than the M1A2 Abrams, making it harder to hit.

The T-90's role is vehicular superiority over a map. Having a powerful 120mm cannon, the tank can take out light vehicles with relative ease, and other vehicles such as IFV and Mobile AA in just a few rounds. The tank can also be equipped with a secondary weapon, varying from anti-personnel machine guns (7.62 LMG to .50 cal MG) to lock-on guided shells. The passenger is equipped with a .50 caliber machine gun, which is effective against infantry and light vehicles.

As with most land vehicles, the main battle tanks in Battlefield 4 tend to be more susceptible to damage when hit from either the sides or the rear. It is therefore more effective to attack from an angle than head-on.

The driver seat is armed with two weapons, depending on specializations. The player can also equip optics and other accessories alongside it.

The first specialization determines what type of round the tank fires. The default shell the tank fires is the AP shell. AP shells have a higher splash damage then the other three shells. However, the splash damage difference between the AP shells and the other shells is small. Additionally, the AP shells also have the second flattest trajectory. The second unlock for the Main Battle Tank shells is the HE Shells. These do more damage than the other shells, and it is the only shell that can destroy all light vehicles and helicopters. However, it has a much more pronounced arc in its trajectory, making it more ineffective at medium and long distance, but more effective at closer ranges. It also has the second longest reload in the group. The last shell unlocked are Sabot rounds. The do the same damage as the AP shells (with the exception in RHIB boats where the AP shells does slightly more damage), but travel at a much greater velocity (giving it a less pronounced arc in its trajectory, and by extension a greater effective range).

The second specialization slot is secondary weapons for the Main Battle Tank, ranging from guided 120mm shells to anti-personnel.

The first specialization unlocked in that slot is a co-axial light MG, which can be used as a more forgiving weapon against infantry compared to shells, which are limited in ammunition and reload time. It takes between 5-7 rounds at bare minimum to kill infantry, though it cannot damage light vehicles/aircraft. The second unlock are the guided shells, which function identically to the FGM-148 Javelin, in which a player must find and hold the lock onto ground vehicles (air vehicles must be laser designated). If a vehicle is laser designated, more damage will be inflicted upon that vehicle. Third unlocked is the co-axial heavy machine gun, which does significantly more damage then the light machine gun, with the ability to kill in just 2-4 shots. It additionally has a longer firing time before overheating then the LMG, and can also damage light armored vehicles such as buggies, armored cars and air vehicles, unlike its LMG counterpart. The fourth unlock is the Canister shells, functioning similarly to its counterpart in Battlefield 3. Once fired, 16 pellets will be fired like a shotgun, with a maximum damage of 35, and a minimum of 25. Lastly is the STAFF shell, which functions similarly to the MBT-LAW, in which if a target is close enough the missile will lock onto and hit the target.

There are a number of available countermeasures. IR Smoke deflects missile lock-ons. Smoke Screen decreases chances of critical hits. Extinguisher can be used to quickly negate the "bleed-out" damage of a vehicle. Active Protection protects from incoming missile and rocket fire.

Similarly, there are a number of optics available to the player. Zoom Optics helps for precise aiming over long ranges. Thermal makes the screen black and white, with the background black, and all heated objects such as players and vehicles in white. IRNV scope function similar to thermal but makes the screen green for cold objects and orange/yellow for heated objects. Thermal provides a clearer view over range than IRNV.

Upgrades help with abilities: maintenance helps the player recover quickly from damage. Thermal Camo increase time to lock on, making it effective against lock on weaponry such as Javelins and Guided missiles from aircraft. Auto Loader reduces the reloading time. Proximity Scan detects AT mines and personnel, useful in high traffic roads or for detecting people in ambuscade; Reactive Armor decreases damage against incoming fire, giving an edge in direct combat.

The gunner also has specialization in two forms: Optics and Upgrades.

In terms of optics: zoom helps at long range or precise aiming at infantry over long distances or going for quick kills. Thermal makes the screen black and white, all "heated objects" are in black and white and players show up in white in black backgrounds, useful in cases where enemies are in foliage. IRNV scope functions similarly to thermal but makes the screen green for cold objects and orange/yellow for heated objects.

Upgrades-wise, gunners have a four upgrades to choose from. Belt Feeder helps decrease reload time (overheat), which can be useful if a user is constantly firing at infantry or other vehicles and overheats constantly. Proximity scan detects enemy equipment (such as AT Mines, M2 Slams and C4), personnel and vehicles within thirty meters. A third gunner upgrade is the Gunner SOFLAM, which when equipped, pressing the secondary weapon button will trigger a black and white screen with cross hairs, if a vehicle is in the middle of the cross-hairs the vehicle must be kept in lock, once designated, teammates with guided missiles or TOW missiles can fire upon the vehicle for as long as the vehicle is designated. If paired up with a user using guided shells, a player can have an offensive weapon against air vehicles. Lastly is the Gunner incendiary, which basically fires an M34 grenade.

Singleplayer appearances Tashgar
Multiplayer appearances Golmud Railway
Lancang Dam
Rogue Transmission
Zavod 311
Caspian Border
Gulf of Oman
Operation Firestorm



Battlefield: Bad CompanyEdit

  • When the player first enters a T-90, Haggard will say "Actually, Forget Truckasaurus! When I get that gold I'm gonna buy one of these!"
  • The top hatch to the gunner seat is open. If an explosive or a bullet hits the inside of the hatch at a right angle, this can potentially hurt/kill a player in the gunner seat. However, the driver is safe from this.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

  • On Cold War, this is the only time where the player needs to destroy a T-90 with an airstrike, and the only time where it is seen engaging the player.
  • Also, there are several rows of T-90s driving on the bridge at the background in Heavy Metal, however, they cannot be destroyed.

Battlefield 3Edit

  • It was first seen in a destruction demonstration in an EA PWNED video, the barrel of a T-90 can be seen destroying a part of a building.[1]

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