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The TOZ-194 in real life

The TOZ-194, also known as T194 (Russian: Тульский Оружейный Завод 194 (Tulsky Oruzheiny Zavod 194); English: Tula Arms Plant model 194), is a Russian 12-gauge pump-action combat shotgun, made with a 7 round internal tubular magazine.

Battlefield: Bad CompanyEdit

BC t194
Unlocked at MEC Default
Damage High
Magazine size 8
Starting ammunition 32
Rate of fire 100
Accuracy 35
Range Short
Faction BFBC MEC FLAG Middle Eastern Coalition
Kit BC demolition Demolition
Source of statistics Battlefield: Bad Company Official Prima Guide
"Russian 12 gauge pump-action shotgun. Not used by Russian armed forces, but successfully exported to international buyers."
— In game description.

The T194 is a pump-action shotgun featured in Battlefield: Bad Company.


In singleplayer, the T194 is used by the Middle Eastern Coalition as their standard shotgun. It can be acquired off fallen MEC infantry during the final mission of the game, Ghost Town. It is coupled with five HG-2s.


In multiplayer, the T194 is the default shotgun issued to the MEC Demolition kit. It has an 8 shell capacity. Like all pump-action shotguns in the game, it is very powerful, being highly capable of killing in a single shot, but its damage quickly deteriorates at longer ranges. When possible, though, the T194 might be preferable over other pump action shotguns due to its faster pumping action and, therefore, higher rate of fire. It is the MEC's equivalent to the American 870 MCS.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

Unlocked at N/A
Damage *12.5-6 x12(171.6-72)(buckshot pellets)
  • 100-50 (slugs)
Damage multipliers *2.5x head (buckshot pellets)
  • 3.25x head (slugs)
Magazine size 8 shells (SP)
Maximum ammunition 24+8 (SP)
Rate of fire 50 RPM (85 RPM by Reload Canceling)
Recoil Low
Firemodes Pump-Action
HUD icon BC2 T194 ICON
"A conventional pump action shotgun with 12 gauge stopping power. It was orginally designed for the Russian military but was never adopted for service. Instead it had gained popularity wth sport shooters and security forces internationally."
— In-game description.

In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the TOZ-194 is only found in the singleplayer as the standard issue shotgun for the Russian and South American enemies; thus, it can be found on every level excluding Operation Aurora. It is very powerful, and despite having a limited range, retains good efficiency in medium-range combat. A variant with 12 Gauge Slugs can be found during Heart of Darkness. Both versions of the TOZ are collectible weapons.

The weapon was featured in the game's multiplayer beta, and was one of the first shotguns unlocked, but was removed unexpectedly after the beta (likely because its role was already fulfilled by three other similar shotguns (the 870MCS, SPAS-12 and the NS2000, respectively), leaving an empty space in the Weapons & Gadgets menu).

Trivia Edit

  • In Battlefield: Bad Company, it shares the same stats with the 870 MCS.

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