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A Tango in real life

The Armored Troop Carrier (ATC) Tango was a boat utilized by the United States Army during the Vietnam war. It was mounted with .30 and .50 caliber machine guns, and a 20mm cannon. It was used to transport infantry through the water while providing some protection against enemy fire.

Battlefield VietnamEdit

Vehicle passengers 4 (excluding players in the boat other then the gunners and pilot)
Special features Mobile Spawn
can repair and re-arm helicopters
Main weapon none
Passenger weapon damage .50 cal MG
Passenger weapon firemode auto-matic
Passenger weapon ammunition per reload 400 rounds
Second passenger weapon .50 cal MG
Second passenger weapon firemode automatic
Second passenger weapon ammunition per reload 400 rounds
Third passenger weapon 20mm Cannon
Third passenger weapon firemode single shot
Vehicle speed low
Vehicle maneuverability Low
Camouflage(s) green
Operators USMC

The Tango is one of three usable naval vessels featured in Battlefield Vietnam. It's the USMC's choice of transport for moving a large number of infantry while affording them some protection. It also acts as a mobile spawn point, making it ideal for amphibious attacks on enemy bases.

It has four player positions: one at the steering wheel, one featuring a 20mm cannon, and two featuring a .50 caliber machine gun each. All gunner positions also protect the users from enemy fire. If all positions are occupied, players choosing to spawn on the Tango will spawn either directly on or around it.

The Tango is armoured and improvious to small arms fire. It can be damaged by explosives, though it can survive quite some hits. The Tango features a helipad, where friendly choppers can land and be repaired. Also, by parachuting out of an air unit and deploying a mortar just before landing on the Tango, one can have a mobile forward facing mortar.

Players can also stand on an object the same height as the helipad, begin to deploy the mortar, and run onto the helipad. Trying to stand on the helipad directly will prevent the mortar from being deployed. This reflects the inability of this for all vehicles.


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