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"In the face of the Warsaw Pact, a general need for extra firepower was identified. With the development of flexible anti-tank missiles the concept of the tank destroyer has morphed into light vehicles with missiles."
— Battlelog Description

A tank destroyer is a vehicle designed to engage enemy armor. Much how artillery crews are mobilized as mobile artillery vehicles, anti-tank guns that were formerly towed or emplaced could now move across the battlefield under their own power.

Tank destroyers of the WWII era were typically tracked vehicles with heavy armor, while modern designs are often adapted from infantry fighting vehicles. This means some of them are also capable of carrying a contingent of troops to support their objectives.

Battlefield 3Edit

Two tank destroyers are featured in the Armored Kill expansion pack.

Dog TagsEdit


  • Tank Destroyers are the only land vehicles that can use the Fire Extinguisher specialization.
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