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Tank Hunter
BF1 Tank Hunter Official
Primary weapon Tankgewehr M1918
Secondary weapon Sawed-Off Shotgun
Gadgets Gas Mask
Spotting Scope
Anti-Tank Grenade
Equipment one Hand grenade ×3
Equipment two Melee weapon
Special ability Wields a powerful anti-tank rifle

The Tank Hunter is an Elite Class featured in Battlefield 1.[1]

The kit is obtained via a wooden crate found in fixed locations on certain maps, similar to Battle Pickups from Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline.

As the name suggests, the kit is primarily intended to counter enemy armor and other ground vehicles, and is equipped with a Tankgewehr M1918 - a high-velocity, single-shot rifle that can critically damage vehicles. Hits to the treads can immobilize tanks, while aiming for the weapon sponsons or machine gun barrels can cripple their offensive ability. The weapon is also capable of killing an infantryman in a single shot due to the power of the round, however the rifle is less effective in this role due to its long reload time, lack of a scope, and need to be set-up before firing. The Tank Hunter also carries a sawed-off shotgun, a spotting scope, an anti-tank grenade, a melee weapon, and a gas mask.

Locations Edit


Conquest: Can be found in the middle of Flag G.

Rush: In the third sector, in the canyon.


Conquest: Near the flag D in the trench.


Conquest: In the destroyed church flag B and in front of a building near flag E.

Operation: 3rd sector on a small hill south east of the village. Sector 4 near a windmill North West.

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