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Battlefield 4 Icon Battlefield 4


Kashgar, China


Daniel Recker




Russian Army


BMP-2M, BTR-90, T-90, 9K22 Tunguska, MRAP


Weapons: A-91, M249, AEK-971

Tashgar is the sixth mission featured in the Battlefield 4 Campaign.


  • Outside of the Molina's outpost is a cluster of a blue building and smaller white building. From the roof of the blue building to the white building, a jump must be made. The A-91 rests on the northeast corner of the building.
  • To the left of the entrance of the park is a car wreckage. The M249 is sitting on its bipod between the back-most car and the tree.
  • After exiting the tunnel, the AEK-971 is found on the top of the concrete building on the pile of green boxes.
  • Underneath the same concrete building, there is a white trailer-truck with a blue cargo crate. Using explosives to blow up the truck will reveal the Destruction Enthusiast Dog Tag pinned to the front of the exploded crate.
  • When first getting onto the dam there will be a high and low path. On the high path, the Upstream Swimmer Dog Tag is found by getting onto the roof of the portable and jumping onto the scaffolding nearby.


  • The mission is named after the city of Kashgar in the Xinjiang region of western China. The reason as to why it is called Tashgar is unknown.
  • In the second village-space before the park, there is a blue crate on a white trailer-truck. Despite most of the map appearing in grayscale, the truck appears in a vibrant tint of blue. There are many more of these trucks, but only the particular one in the second village-space will appear blue on the map.
  • The AEK-971 collectible may occasionally spawn inside the boxes. Parts of it will protrude, and it can still be picked up.
  • Oddly, the RGF is equipped with Mk153 SMAW rockets despite the fact that there are many RPG-7V2 rockets laying around.
  • As with in Baku, the Russian Soldiers have Chinese flag patches on their arms.
    • In addition, this mission has enemies that use the PLA Engineer skin, despite using Russian weaponry (PP-2000) and speaking Russian.
  • The mission holds an easter egg to the popular Machinima Battlefield Friends series by Hank and Jed. After reaching Greenland's base, if the player waits in front of groups of two Marines, they can hear the series' character voices, specifically the Sniper, Engineer, and Assault, having conversations.
  • The Destruction Enthusiast Dog Tag is a reference to Battlefield: Bad Company, the dogtag features the smiley face grenade pin.
  • This mission and Baku are the only two times the player fights Russian forces in the singleplayer campaign.
  • Arabic graffiti can be seen throughout the urban areas, including "!شعب" (people!) and "حرية" (freedom). This is incorrect, though, as Uyghur is the language of Kashgar (Tashgar).
  • The mission's internal development name was known as Dam City.


Battlefield 4 Walkthrough Chapter 6 - Tashgar (Xbox One)(37:46)

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