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Task Force Kodiak is an American amored unit that assisted Bravo-2 with on an operation to secure Russian agent Kirilenko in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The task force consist of several M1A2 Abrams main battle tanks, two Humvees, several U.S. Army soldiers, a mission commander, Riverguard, and is lead by Kodiak Actual and is part of the 1st Cavalry Division.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

Task Force Kodiak was mobilized to assist Bravo-2 in an operation to take Kirilenko by Agent Aguire, and took part in a vicious battle near the Tallinay Wind farms. The Task Force engages several Russian T-90s, BMD-3s and 9M133 Kornet emplacements. Of the tanks mobilized, three are seen to be destroyed (Kodiak 4, Kodiak 2 (possibly) and one unnamed tank), two are heavily damaged (Kodiak 1, Bravo 2) and the fate of one is unknown. 2 HMMWV's and 3 M1A2's are seen at the beginning of the level, but do not take part in the combat. The main cause of loss is enemy 9M133 Kornet launchers, while a common cause of damage came from BMD-3's.




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