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800px-Exploded tear gas can on the fly

Tear gas coming out of its grenade.

Tear Gas is a non-lethal chemical weapon intended to cause tearing and pain commonly used by police forces worldwide during riots and violent protests.

Battlefield 2Edit

"When sprayed with tear gas, the victim will have severe reactions causing a degree of incapacitation."
— In-game description

Tear Gas is used by the all factions of the Battlefield 2: Special Forces Support kit.

Tear gas is used to disorient enemy infantry. A player under the effect of tear gas will experience screen blur and coughing, and will completely deplete stamina, meaning that the ability to sprint and jump are impossible until the effect wears off. Tear gas can be countered with the use of gas masks, which are issued to every kit.

Regardless of whether friendly fire is on or off, tear gas will also affect the player who used it and his teammates. Tear gas is deployed through the use of a standalone grenade launcher. This means it can be fired over long distances.

The gas canister will bounce of surfaces after being fired, so the placement of gas can be somewhat inaccurate. This can be used, however, to deploy tear gas around corners and in buildings. Each Support player is issued a total of 5 canisters to launch.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

For the hand grenade variant, see Gas Grenade.
For the grenade launcher variant, see CS Gas Launcher.

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