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Terni Armored Car IRL

A Terni Armored Car during World War I

The FIAT-Terni “Tripoli”, also known as armored car Terni, “FIAT” or “FIAT Tripoli Libya”, was an armored car used in colonial areas controlled by the Royal Army during the interwar period. It was developed at the Terni steelworks of OTO in 1918. However, the northern Italian front was not favorable for armored cars. At the end of the conflict, the general staff emitted specifications for an armored car intended for use in the colonies. These were put into service at the end of the war and stayed so until early 1942.[1]

Battlefield 1Edit

F.T Armored Car
F.T Armored Car Icon
Vehicle passengers • 1 driver
• 4 gunners
(5 total)
Vehicle armor Light
Passenger weapon 1x Heavy Machine Gun
(Seat 2)
Passenger weapon reload time None
(Overheat cooldown only)
Passenger weapon firemode Fully automatic
Passenger weapon ammunition per reload None
(Unlimited ammo belt)
Second passenger weapon 1x Light Machine Guns
(Seat 3, 4, 5)
Second passenger weapon reload time None
(Overheat cooldown only)
Second passenger weapon firemode Fully automatic
Second passenger weapon ammunition per reload None
(Unlimited ammo belt)
Vehicle speed Fast
Vehicle maneuverability Medium

The F.T Armored Car is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 1. It is the armored car of the Kingdom of Italy and United States of America factions.



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