For the weapon sights, see IRNV and FLIR.

FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) cameras, typically used on military and civilian aircraft and sometimes on rifle sight, use an imaging technology that senses infrared radiation, highlighting heat signatures.

The sensors installed in forward-looking infrared cameras—as well as those of other thermal imaging cameras—use detection of infrared radiation, typically emitted from a heat source (thermal radiation), to create a "picture" assembled for video output. They can be used to help pilots and drivers steer their vehicles at night and in fog, or to detect warm objects against a cooler background.

Battlefield 3Edit

Thermal Optics
Guided Shell (MBT, TD) Proximity Scan (AA) Coaxial LMG (IFV) Maintenance (AH) Thermal Camo (MBT, TD) Air Radar (AA) Proximity Scan (IFV) Laser Painter (AH)
Vehicle Type

MBT (Driver)
• Mobile Anti-air
IFV (Gunner)
• Attack Helicopter (Gunner)
• Tank Destroyer

Special Feature(s)

Thermal imaging

Unlocked At

• 43200 MBT score
• 10000 AA score
• 13100 IFV score
• 25000 AH score
• 22000 TD score

Customization Slot


"A secondary weapon sight with thermal optics that highlights soldiers and vehicles for efficient target identification."

— Battlelog description

Thermal Optics allow ground vehicles and attack helicopters to see heat signatures through dust and smoke (except IR smoke). All vehicles use a white-on-black FLIR view.

The CITV Station and the scout helicopter's Laser Painter also provide thermal optics as a secondary view.

In singleplayer, green-tinted IRNV Optics are used instead. Infantry weapons can attach the IRNV scope.

Battlefield 4Edit

Thermal Optics
Coaxial HMG (MBT), Autoloader (IFV), 30mm Cannon (Mobile AA), Burst Cannon (Attack Boat), Air Radar (Attack Heli) Canister Shell (MBT), Gunner SOFLAM (IFV), Reactive Armor (Mobile AA), TV-Guided Missile (Attack Boat), TOW Missile (Attack Heli)
Vehicle Type

• Ground vehicles
• Attack Heli (gunner)

Special Feature(s)

• Allows optional thermal optics in conjunction with daytime optics

Unlocked At

• 14,500 Mobile AA score
• 21,000 Infantry Fighting Vehicle score
• 30,000 Infantry Fighting Vehicle score (gunner)
• 27,000 Attack Boat score
• 29,000 Attack Helicopter score
• 42,000 Main Battle Tank score
• 61,000 Main Battle Tank score (gunner)

Customization Slot


"A black and white night vision system that shows heat signatures across all ranges."

— Battlelog description[1]

Thermal Optics are a type of vehicle optics in Battlefield 4, alongside IRNV Optics.

The thermal optics appear as an "Optics" specialization for the main battle tank, mobile anti-air, attack boat, infantry fighting vehicle and the attack helicopter.[1] They are similar in function to their Battlefield 3 counterpart.

The Thermal optics can be used in conjunction with the standard daytime optics. The optics assist in target acquisition from close to long ranges. Unlike the IRNV optics, the thermal optics can be used effectively at long ranges.

The Thermal optics are unlocked at 14,500 score for the Mobile AA, 30,000 score for the infantry fighting vehicle, 27,000 score for the attack boat, 29,000 score for the attack helicopter, 42,000 for the driver of a main battle tank and 61,000 score for the gunner of a main battle tank.[1]


General Edit

  • When switching in between day-time optics and Thermal Optics, and looking up at the sky, one can see that the position of the sun changes drastically when viewed between day-time optics and Thermal Optics.

Battlefield 3Edit

  • The thermal optics on the BTR-90 provide an amount of zoom.
  • Before Patch 1.07, the 105mm cannon on the Gunship had Thermal Optics. The Thermal Optics have since been removed from the 105mm cannon.


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