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A PAC Type 4 Doragon flying towards an EU MK-1 Titan.

The Titan-class airborne carrier of the future is a massive, gravity-defying vessel used for transporting armies and the supplies to sustain them. First developed during the end of the War of 2020 by the newly formed Pan-Asian Coalition, plans for the carrier were later stolen by the USMC and eventually shared with other member nations of the European Union. By the year 2137, Titans had become fully operational and a major part of The Cold War.

Gameplay Edit

Titans are massive floating fortresses exclusive to their namesake Titan Assault gamemode. Each team has a well armed Titan with access to both Transport and Gunships and Assault Pod launchers. They are also armed with up to eight terminals controlling ground-facing guns and anti-aircraft autocannons.

The titan's armor makes it extremely difficult to take down but a Nuclear Reactor keeps it in optimal operation. To protect it from intrusion, a perimeter forcefield prevents unauthorised personnel from entering the reactor room. In the case of the shield being disabled, the Titan's onboard computers bring up high-powered Infantry Defense Shields.

Defeating a Titan requires a strategic approach. While a titan's shield is up, enemies cannot board the Titan so Anti-Titan Missile Silos would be the best option to strip away this protection but regular gunfire can be another yet ineffective means.

Once the shield drops, the Titan may then be infiltrated by enemy forces; either by Transport or using Assault Pods from an APC, where they can destroy the protective shields and then destroyed by reducing the core into a critical state. Once that happens, everyone should abandon ship or be killed amongst the chain reaction.

Development Edit

The development of Titan started with the project "архангел" (Russian for Archangel) at the end of War of 2020. There is no information about the detail relevant to project as well as what role Titan plays during the foundation of Pan-Asian Coalition. Pan-Asian Coalition also has a larger fleet before The Cold War begins and their Titan has a more offensive design. According to the name, Type-2 is not the first type of airborne carrier PAC has.


Appearances Edit

Battlefield 4 Edit

  • Hangar 21 - Appears as a prototype and as the Evelution event.

Battlefield 2142 Edit

  • All Maps in Titan Assault

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