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Townsend Single Player
Actor Mark Bonnar (Voice/Model)
Appearances Battlefield 1 Icon Battlefield 1
Rank Officer
Affiliation British Army
Status KIA
"Remember, boys - do your jobs, take care of each other, and "Big Bess" will take care of you."
— Townsend briefs his crew at the beginning of Through Mud and Blood.

Townsend is a Scottish character featured in the campaign of Battlefield 1. He is the tank commander of the Mark V tank "Black Bess" that appears in the chapter Through Mud and Blood.


Speaking with a Scottish accent, Townsend is fair mannered and level headed. He learns of Edwards, the new driver assigned to him, and his past employment through his transfer papers prior to meeting him. Edwards nervously assures him of his commitment to his new post despite his record, to which Townsend responds he doesn't mind as long as he does his job properly. After resupplying the tank and getting the rest of the crew aboard, Townsend briefs them on their objective - break the German front lines and destroy their artillery guns at the rear, before proceeding to the French town of Cambrai. He emphasises the need for cooperation and professionalism, urging that they "get through this together" before commanding Edwards to move the tank out of the staging area.

At a later point in the chapter shown in the gameplay trailer, while the tank is immobilized and under siege in a forest, Townsend is heard yelling in an attempt to revive Edwards, who had been disoriented after an enemy pistol was fired next to his ear.

Later, after taking out a group of German tanks, Black Bess is immobilized after an artillery strike is called on their position. Edwards goes outside to take a look at the damage, when an anti-tank grenade knocks him off his feet. McManus tries to help Edwards but is shot in the shoulder and wounded. Inside Bess, German troops storm the hull, with Townsend attempting to defend. He is soon shot in the abdomen, and seeing that the tank will soon be overrun, apologizes to Bess, and then lights a match, igniting the fumes inside her, sacrificing himself, but saving Edwards and McManus.


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