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A Tracer Dart Gun is an air gun that fires a radio transponder dart, allowing its user to remotely trace the location of the dart's target.

Battlefield: Bad CompanyEdit

Kit Specialist

The TRCR-357 is a gadget issued to the Specialist kit in Battlefield: Bad Company. It is designed to fire transponders at vehicles in order to maintain an effective line-of-sight to the affected vehicle, as well as guide rocket projectiles toward it.

Those who placed a tracer dart will get a Tracer Dart Assist (+3 points), every time the affected vehicle is hit with a projectile. Two of these assists will award the "Tracer Dart Efficiency Trophy".


Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

Tracer Dart
Tracer Dart
Unlocked at • Rank 11
• Purchase BFBC2 Limited or Ultimate Edition
Kit All kits
Inventory slot Sidearm
"Designed to assist target acquisition, this gas powered pistol fires magnetic darts which latch onto enemy vehicles and aid in giving the selected anti-tank weapon an increased opportunity to hit the intended target."
— In-game description

The Tracer Dart is an all kit gadget, occupying the handgun slot, featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Its use is largely unchanged from the previous installment, only being slightly different in appearance. The gadget is unlocked at level 11, or with immediately to those who own Limited and Ultimate editions of the game.

Similar to other weapons in the Series, the Tracer Dart has bullet drop and travel time, normally requiring users to aim and fire projectiles slightly above targets. This also applies to AT launchers to successfully lock-on to the affected target.

Tracers can be removed from tagged vehicles by using the Smoke Countermeasures Package.


Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

Tracer Dart Gun
Tracer Dart Gun P4F
Unlocked at Unlocked at start
Kit All kits

The Tracer Dart Gun is a gadget featured in Battlefield Play4Free, coming pre-unlocked for all kits. It is essentially unchanged from previous installments though it does have unlimited ammunition and has the ability to kill enemies with low health. The gadget is also the secondary weapon for the gunner in Attack Helicopters.

An update on May 31st, 2011 increased the experience points to +10 for each successful hit with the dart.[1]


Battlefield HardlineEdit

Tracking Dart
BFHL Tracerdartgun
Kit All
Inventory slot Handgun

The Tracking Dart is a redesigned Tracer Dart Gun set to appear in Battlefield Hardline. Its artwork was present in the June Beta files, and was available during the Gamescom 2014 playable demo as a gadget for the Mechanic.[2] In the final game, however, the gadget is available for all kits and takes up the Handgun slot.

Like previous iterations of the weapon, the gun fires a magnetic dart that can stick to vehicles. Once attached, the dart can be locked onto by AT launcher Battle Pickups. It is currently unknown what effect countermeasures will have on the dart.


The Tracking Dart is unavailable for the player to use in the singleplayer campaign. However, it is used by Khai in the episode Gator Bait to tag the floating drug bales in the swamp.


The Tracking Dart is available for all classes to use in the multiplayer, and much like in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, will replace the player's Handgun. The gadget can be used on both enemy vehicles and players, which when hit by a dart, will have a red silhouette on them for the player's entire team to see, even through walls and objects.



  • It is possible to tag enemy infantry with the Tracer Dart, and consequently lock on to them with AT launchers.
  • If players shoot a Tracer Dart on someone's head, sometimes the player that has been shot sees the red light of the tracer on his view.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

  • The speed of the tracer dart was dramatically increased to increase the gadget's use and make hitting targets easier. It is still, however, significantly slower than a bullet.
  • The Tracer Dart is the only gadget to take up a weapon slot and not do any damage.
  • In the Beta of Bad Company 2, the tracer dart did one point of damage, but without marking a hit.
  • Rockets will continue to track a traced vehicle even if the tracer is removed by countermeasures. The rocket will, however, lose its target if the player who launched it is killed.

Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

  • Battlefield Play4Free is the only installment that allows the use of the gadget's iron sights.
  • The tracer dart has a pistol reload animation in the third-person.


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