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800px-American truck

The Kenworth W900 the Trailer Truck is visually based upon.

The Trailer Truck is a civilian vehicle unique to Battlefield 2: Armored Fury. It appears to be visually based on a combination of a Kenworth W900 and a Volvo VN cab.

Battlefield 2Edit

Trailer Truck
Truck cab
Main weapon None
Vehicle speed Medium-low
Vehicle maneuverability Medium-low
Operators United States Marine Corps

Middle Eastern Coalition

The Trailer Truck is a vehicle featured in the Battlefield 2: Armored Fury expansion of Battlefield 2 on Operation Road Rage in the 32 and 64-player variants, as well as the 16-player variant of Operation Harvest. It is sluggish in performance and is generally used as a transport vehicle since the driver or passenger cannot use their weapons and the vehicle features no mounted weapons.


  • When driving, if the player looks at the passenger seat, they will see a newspaper reading, "Scientists predict new ice age." This is a reference to Battlefield 2142.

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