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A gun shield is a piece of armor designed to be mounted on a crew-served weapon such as a machine gun or artillery piece, or, more rarely, to be used with an assault rifle.[1]

Battlefield 1Edit

"A shield that can be deployed to snipe safely from a prone position."
— In-game description

The Sniper Shield is a gadget featured in Battlefield 1 for the Scout kit. The gadget is a placeable shield with a narrow peep hole to allow Scouts to safely engage targets with Sniper rifles or other weapons. The shield protects players from most gunfire, but not from explosives, gas, or fire. Enemy players may still shoot and injure the player through the peep hole. Similar to other placeable gadgets, it may be picked up and redeployed as needed.

It is not yet known how the shield reacts to anti-vehicle weapons, although it is expected to be destroyed by sufficiently large projectiles.



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