"Utilizing state-of-the-art, air-assisted levitation technology, the Type 32 Nekomata hover tank is the very latest in armored combat, boasting unmatched mobility across almost any topography. Similar to the A-8 Tiger, the Nekomata incorporates NxRA technology into its composite armor base and uses an Active Defense System to ward off high impact, airborne weapon attacks. It also matches the A-8's attack capabilities with a driver-controlled cannon and second position repeater."

— Prima Official Strategy Guide

Type 32 Nekomata
V patank02
Disable threshold 19%
Vehicle passengers • Driver
• Gunner
(2 total)
Main weapon Smoothbore cannon
Main weapon ammunition per reload 40
Passenger weapon Machine gun
Passenger weapon ammunition per reload Unlimited
Countermeasures Active Defense System
Vehicle speed Medium
Vehicle maneuverability Low
Camouflage(s) PAC Standard Camouflage
Operators PACflag PAC

The Type 32/Model 2132 Nekomata PAC Hover Tank is a Japanese hovertank and the principal main battle tank of the Pan-Asian Coalition. It is featured in Battlefield 2142.

It uses a casemate design, sparing the turret commonly seen on 21st century tanks to conserve weight. Thus, it always presents its strong frontal armor towards its targets. The same control (Mouse X Axis) is used to aim the cannon laterally and steer the vehicle.

Its hover design gives the Nekomata a slightly taller profile. The Nekomata can move sideways, and spin in place faster than the Tiger. It is too heavy to traverse water.

The Nekomata is much less stable than the Tiger. Accelerating, stopping, firing, and traveling over uneven terrain affect aiming much more than they do the Tiger. The Nekomata may drift backward when firing, and will slide down slopes.


  • The vehicle is named after the nekomata, a cat in Japanese folklore with supernatural abilities similar to the kitsune or tanuki.

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