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For the Chinese Main Battle Tank of the same name, see Type 98

The Type 99 in real life.

The Type 99 (Japanese: 九九式軽機関銃 Kyūkyū-shiki Kei-kikanjū) was a Japanese light machine gun designed by Kijiro Nambu in 1939 and produced by Japan until the end of World War II. It was a modified re-chambered version of the Type 96 LMG (which fired 6.5x50mm Type 38 Arisaka cartridges) and was designed to fire 7.7x58mm cartridges to have more stopping power and bullet penetration. It was also generally more reliable than the Type 96 with the addition of other minor improvements.

Battlefield 1942Edit

The Type 99 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 1942, issued to the IJN Assault kit. It has a 20 round magazine, moderate accuracy and relatively good power. It can kill in 4-5 shots. It has moderate recoil, but while prone, it has barely none and can support automatic fire for longer ranges, although constantly being limited by its small 20 round magazine and quickly degrading accuracy.


Battlefield VietnamEdit

World War II modEdit

The Type 99 is a weapon featured in Battlefield Vietnam in the Official WWII mod, issued as an option to the Imperial Japanese Army's Assault kit. It uses a slightly different model from its Battlefield 1942 counterpart, and uses the same reload animation as the Bren from Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII, though it uses the same firing sound and has very similar performance and stats.



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