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"The UD-12 Shepherd was developed with a single purpose, to convey military personnel into the combat arena, dropping soldiers via spherical, quick-drop escape pods. Slow moving, but direction flexible, the Shepherd draws on a marriage of multi-source jet propulsion and hover technology to travel long distances at a mid-level altitude. The UD-12 is shelled in composite, electrically charged armor lined with Nomex fiber and relies on two medium-caliber, bipod-mounted automatic machine guns to repel assailants."

— Prima Official Game Guide

V euairtransport06

The UD-12 Shepherd in Battlefield 2142.

The UD-12 Shepherd VTOL is a VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) aircraft used by the European Union in the 22nd Century. It is encountered in Battlefield 2142, being a usable aircraft.



  • Two Medium Caliber Gatling Guns with EXPL Rounds.


  • Electrically charged Composite
  • Nomex Fiber Lining



  • One Pilot
  • Two Gunners/Passengers
  • Four Seated Passengers


  • Two Multi-Source Jet Pods

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