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For the Battlefield 3 mission, see Uprising

Uprise, formerly known as ESN, is a Swedish based studio that is mostly known as the developer of the web-based social networking service Battlelog which utilizes the studio's developed Planet software. Following the success of the service as well as Battlefield 3, it was subsequently acquired by Electronic Arts on June 1st, 2012.

The studio was quietly renamed from ESN to Uprise. Since it was not clearly stated what the name Uprise referred to once revealed, many falsely thought that it was the name of a new expansion pack for Battlefield 4.

In late 2016 EA began to phaseout and replace Battlelog with the Battlefield Companion in Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline which was also developed by Uprise. This was done to create a more centralized website and to allow players to switch between games easier. It was also implemented in the development of the Battlefield 1 as a core feature. With the closing of Visceral Games in 2017, the task of porting Battlefield Hardline to Battlefield Companion was halted.


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