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September 13, 2011
  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on April 23
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
That's pretty much true.
Nickname(s) Professor, Ranger
Appearances Battlefield 2
Battlefield 2: Special Forces
Battlefield: Bad Company
Battlefield 1943
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Battlefield 3
Back to Karkand
Close Quarters
Armored Kill
End Game
Rank 13 (Battlefield 2)
25 (Battlefield: Bad Company)
35 (Battlefield 1943)
46 (Battlefield: Bad Company 2)
91 "Colonel Service Star 46" (Battlefield 3)
Affiliation One lone 3rd Ranger using a time machine to change history through the battlefields.
I am disguised as a soldier from one of the following:
US Army seal US Army
US Navy SEALs Insignia US Navy SEALs
British SAS Insig SAS
Weapon M1 Garand
M1A1 Thompson
XM8 Prototype
MP-443 Grach
First appearance Battlefield 1943 (chronologically)
Battlefield 2 (game)
Status Alive (all games)
Don't know if I'll be getting BF4 or not.

A Good Quote To Begin This PageEdit

"The rise of computer crime and armed robbery has not eliminated the lure of caged cash."
— James Chiles

How To Identify Me On Talk PagesEdit

1st: 3rd Ranger New Orders - Edit At Will 00:44, December 21, 2011 (UTC)

2nd: 3rd Ranger New Orders - Edit At Will Newcomer's Ribbon 21:23, December 21, 2011 (UTC)

3rd: 3rd Ranger New Orders - Edit At Will Newcomer's Ribbon TrustRibbon UserMonthRibbon 02:28, March 2, 2012 (UTC)

4th: 3rd Ranger New Orders - Edit At Will Photography Ribbon AdminRibbon UserMonthRibbon 03:00, August 21, 2012 (UTC)

5th: 75 Ranger Regiment Coat Of Arms Rangers Lead The Way Ranger Tab 00:00, September 25, 2012 (UTC)

Current: United States Army Ranger Tab (embroided) Mess With The Best, Die Like The Rest Ranger battalions ssi n14113 03:32, November 17, 2013 (UTC)


My name is Alex Kulyniy.

I am a PS3, PC, PSP, and PS4 gamer.

My username is "User1alexander" on PS3. "Kulmason" on PC and Battlelog.

I also have a Gameboy Advance, but I handed it down to my sister (now she has a Nintendo 3DS).

I have Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2: Special Forces, Battlefield: Bad Company, Battlefield 1943, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 with the Onslaught and Vietnam DLCs and Battlefield 3 and its DLCs! No Battlefield 4, though. As for Battlefield Hardline...

I also have Bad Company 2 for PC, but I don't play on it a lot.

I am Rank 25 on BC1, Rank 35 on BF1943, Rank 46 on BC2 and Rank 91 on BF3.

I have only 67% of trophies on Bad Company, 100% on BF1943 (no Platinum Trophy in the game), 100% on Bad Company 2, and 93% on Battlefield 3 (Platinum Trophy there, just missing some Back to Karkand trophies).

I don't have BF4 because I haven't felt like getting it and, to be honest, I probably never will.

BFHL: I don't mind the cops and robbers theme, especially since it's not another "US Forces kill Russians, Chinese, Arabs, etc." game. Hopefully, the game isn't shit (especially in terms of singleplayer *cough*BF3*cough*BF4*cough*).

I am called "3RDRANGER" because I like the number "3" and the "RANGER" comes from Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (one of my favourite games of all time). In Heroes 2, your buddies are 5th Rangers, so from there I changed it to "3RDRANGER". Oh, and there was an actual battalion in WWII called the 3rd Rangers. ;)

I will normally come here and find something to edit here and on other wikis.

Good day!


PSN This User Is A PS3 Gamer!
BFBC2 ta04 This user is a PC Gamer!
Expl icon This User Loves Blowing Things Up
AdminAwards2 This User is an Admin

This User Loves The M416

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BF3 Assault Icon
This User Loves The Assault

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BF3 Support Icon This User Loves The Support

BFBC 2 Black Hawk Helicopter This User Loves The UH-60 Black Hawk

Pages I CreatedEdit

  1. I am the anon that created the Scott and Gold Crates pages. (It's not fabricated!)
  2. I created the RenderWare, Ingham, Easy Studios, some Trailer pages and Transcript pages with my account.

5,000TH EDIT!Edit

YES! I finally got my 5,000th edit on this date, March 19, 2012. That edit was on the RFA, where I added statistics for Zephalian so voting can start for his RFA (which got cancelled shortly after).

10,000TH EDIT!Edit

One of my favourite videos for Battlefield.

Battlefield 2 Gun Sounds! - www.Serpento01:37

Battlefield 2 Gun Sounds! -

I just love it when the wall blows up, and the MEC guy is just standing there.

75 Ranger Regiment Coat Of Arms Rangers Lead The Way Ranger Tab 21:12, October 6, 2012 (UTC)

Things I'll Do In The FutureEdit

  • Upload some pictures.
  • Add categories.
  • Create pages when necessary.
  • Do transcripts for BC2 missions and finally BF3. I don't have BF2MC, nor can I find a good walkthrough for it.


Bad Company 2Edit

Last Updated 02:06, August 21, 2012 (UTC)Edit

Rank 46 (Brigadier General I)

Veteran Status of 3

K/D Ratio: 1.43 (16,676/11,623)

Best Assault Rifle: M416 (Platinum Star with 1169 kills)

Best Sub Machine Gun: SCAR-L (Gold Star 5 with 505 kills)

Best Light Machine Gun: M249 SAW (Platinum Star with 1011 kills)

Best Sniper Rifle: GOL Sniper Magnum (Gold Star 1 with 163 kills)

Best Pistol: MP-443 Grach (Gold Star 1 with 154 kills)

Best Shotgun: NeoStead 2000 (Gold Star 1 with 111 kills)

Best Miscellaneous: WWII M1A1 Thompson (Gold Star 3 with 306 kills)

Best Rocket Launcher: M136 AT4 (Gold Star 2 with 103 kills)

Best Light Vehicle: HMMWV 4WD (21 kills + 6 road kills)

Best Heavy Vehicle: M3A3 Bradley (557 kills + 5 road kills)

Best Water Vehicle: Patrol Boat (4 kills + 1 road kill)

Best Air Vehicle: UH-60 Black Hawk (272 kills + 2 road kills)

Best Stationary Gun: KORD (164 kills)

408 Knife Kills (Gold Star 8)

359 Grenade Kills (Gold Star 7)

201 40mm Grenade Kills (Gold Star 4)

4,146 Resupplies

3,569 Heals

Battlefield 3Edit

Last Updated 17:35, July 9, 2013 (UTC)Edit


Rank 90 (Colonel Service Star 46)

Veteran Status of 3

K/D Ratio: 2.23 (19,785/8,866)

W/L Ratio: 1.28 (1,182/923)

Best Assault Rifle: M416 (1,572 Kills) (Service Star 15)

Best Carbine: ACW-R (526 Kills) (Service Star 5)

Best Personal Defense Weapon: PP-19 (447 Kills) (Service Star 4)

Best Light Machine Gun: M249 (927 Kills) (Service Star 9)

Best Sniper Rifle: M98B (248 Kills) (Service Star 2)

Best Pistol: G17C (134 Kills) (Service Star 1)

Best Shotgun: MK3A1 (289 Kills) (Service Star 2)

Best Rocket Launcher: RPG-7V2 (238 Kills) (Service Star 2)

Best Back To Karkand Weapon: PP-19 (447 Kills) (Service Star 4)

Best Close Quarters Weapon: ACW-R (526 Kills) (Service Star 5)

Best Light Transport: GAZ-3937 Vodnik (13 Kills)

Best Buggy: Desert Patrol Vehicle (9 Kills)

Best Mobile Artillery Vehicle: BM-23 (9 Kills)

Best Infantry Fighting Vehicle: BMP-2M (167 Kills)

Best Mobile Anti-Air Vehicle: 9K22 Tunguska-M (58 Kills)

Best Main Battle Tank: T-90A (250 Kills)

Best Tank Destroyer: M1128 (46 Kills)

Best Water Vehicle: RHIB Boat (1 Kill)

Best Transport Helicopter: UH-1Y Venom (9 Kills)

Best Scout Helicopter: Z-11W (9 Kills)

Best Attack Helicopter: AH-1Z Viper (86 Kills)

Best Jet: Su-35BM Flanker-E (8 Kills)

Best Stationary Gun: Centurion C-RAM (8 Kills)

86 AAV-7A1 AMTRAC Kills

38 Gunship Kills

1 Skid Loader Kill

2 Quad Bike Kills

6 Rhino Kills

13 Phoenix Kills

5 Barsuk Kills


6 Vodnik AA Kills

222 Knife Kills (Service Star 2)

433 Grenade Kills (Service Star 4)

724 Repairs

2,644 Revives

112,563 Heals

8,648 Resupplies

146 Claymore Kills

40 Mortar Kills

89 C4 Kills

3 AT Mine Kills

183 MAV Kills

2 Damage Assists with SOFLAM

836 Motion Spot Assists

349 Spawn Beacon Spawns

1 EOD Bot Kill

28 XBOW Kills (XBOW (24) and XBOW Scoped (4) combined)

Camouflage Being Used: Premium 3

Right Dogtag: M416 Proficiency Dog Tag

Left Dogtag: M416 Master Dog Tag

All 10 Back To Karkand Assignments Completed

All 10 Close Quarters Assignments Completed

All 5 Armored Kill Assignments Completed

9 out of 10 Aftermath Assignments Completed (only William Tell is unfinished)

1 out of 5 End Game Assignments Completed (only Scar Spangled Banner is finished)

25 out of 35 Premium Assignments Completed


Number of Missions Finished: 6

Number on Easy: 6

Number on Normal: 5

Number on Hard: 6

MP-412?: Yes

KH2002?: Yes

MP7?: Yes

M39 EMR?: Yes

M93R?: Yes

SG553?: Yes

G3A3?: Yes

957,368 Co-op Score (Service Star 5)

4,485 Kills

Some Philosophy I Made UpEdit

The true winner of an argument is the one who apologizes first. If you forgive, then you both are at a reasonably good stalemate.

It may seem overpowered when it kills you, but when you use it, then it's not overpowered.

When the coast is clear, take the opportunity before it goes away.

When you're outmatched, just RUN!

Keep things to yourself, especially when it's something private.

It's better to not act than to act like someone you're not.

Sleep passes time, and time heals wounds and minds.

It may seem the coast is clear, but it's not.

The only overpowered weapon that should stay overpowered is the knife.

Sometimes the first person who shoots loses the battle. That's why first is the worst, and second is the best.

If you have to complain, turn off your microphone first. Otherwise, let's hope your parents didn't go out for groceries.

Suppression can either be your friend or be your enemy. Most of the time it's your enemy, unless you're in a vehicle.

The difference between a fan and a fanboy is that the fan actually knows the negatives of what they like/love and will accept the fact that they exist and not haplessly deny them no matter how stupid they look doing so.

There are times when people always take that "extra step" when it comes to certain things, such as shopping for groceries, patching video games, etc. But there are times when taking that extra step causes more bad than good.

Peasant? I thought we were done using such an outdated term.


If any of you dare, double dog dare or triple dog dare to give away my personal info to cons and commies alike, let's just say that life will flash before you when you hear the door knock down and my 75th Rangers tell you:

"General Alex Kulyniy sends his regards, commie bastard!"

Birthday Cake 2013Edit


- Happily given to me by Mr. XtremegiancaAlt

Nice AwardsEdit


Newcomer's Award
Newcomer's Award
For high activity on contributing for our Wiki since your account creation, whether on mainspace or on blogs,has shown your potential and per nomination and in name of the BFWiki, I give you the Newcomer Award! Congratulations --Pedro9basket (talk) 12:50, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Awarded on 12/04/11. Won it with two Support votes (one Support and one Weak(ish) Support) and zero Oppose votes. I like to thank Zephalian for nominating me and giving the Support vote. Heatedpete for giving the Weak(ish) Support vote. Pedro9basket for presenting the award to me. Thanks and Peace! :)

Trusted UserEdit

Trusted User
Trusted User
Dude, you make me out to look like the bad guy! It's kinda funny how people seem to see me as the scary admin... But if Pedro feels that you deserve it, then welcome to the TU club! Congrats, 3RDRANGER! Enclave Symbol (Fallout 3) PresidentEden78 Enclave Symbol (Fallout 3) 05:16 February 28, 2012 (UTC)

Awarded on 28/02/12. Granted by PresidentEden78. Thanks very much! :)

User of the Month (March)Edit

User of the Month
User of the Month
On behalf of the Wiki community, I hereby award you with the User of the Month award for your hard work and dedication. Keep it up!

Awarded on 28/02/12. Won it with seven Support votes (six Support and one Strong Support) and zero Oppose votes. I like to thank H2seasprite for nominating me and giving the first Support vote. Also I like to thank Slopijoe, Heatedpete, Zephalian (special mention for Strong Support), Maxwell123, Pedro9basket and YuriKaslov (who presented the award to me) for the Support votes. Thank you all! :)


Per a successful nomination, I hereby present you with your shiny new badge, 3RDRANGER! Keep up the amazing work you've been doing, RANGER! You and Pedro will make fine additions to the admin club and have both thouroughly deserved this great honor! Enclave Symbol (Fallout 3) PresidentEden78 Enclave Symbol (Fallout 3) 03:58, March 16, 2012 (UTC)

Awarded on 16/03/12. Won it with seven Support votes (four Support and three Strong Support) and zero Oppose votes. I like to thank YuriKaslov for nominating me and giving a Support vote. Also, I thank Charcoal121, Pedro9basket and Zephalian for the Strong Support votes. Also, H2seasprite, PresidentEden78 and Heatedpete for the other Support votes. Thanks and have a nice day! :)


Uploader's Award
Uploader's Award
5-0 Unanimous Vote, High Quality Photos Well Deserved Zephalian (Dossier) (Briefing) 05:54, March 22, 2012 (UTC)

Awarded 22/03/12. Won it with five Support votes (four Support and one Strong) and zero Oppose votes. I like to thank Pedro9basket for nominating me and giving me a Support vote. I like to also thank Zephalian, Charcoal121, YuriKaslov and USMC Lance for the Support votes. Great thanks also to PresidentEden78 for the Strong Support vote. "Have good ends, good highs, good lows, no out lights" :)


Veteran's Award
Veteran's Award
You definitely deserve this! Almost 12k in edits and years on the Wikia, Congratulations my friend! -- awyman13 {Talk} {Work} 01:00, July 4, 2013 (UTC)

Awarded 04/07/13. Won it with four Support votes (all Support) and zero Oppose votes. I like to thank Awyman13 for nominating me and giving me a Support vote. I like to also thank YuriKaslov, XtremegiancaAlt and DiCePWNeD for the other Support votes. Thanks for the award, editors! :)

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