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aka Kazimira Vyacheslavovna Slavskaya

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April 21, 2012
  • I live in California, United States of America
  • I was born on December 11
  • I am Female
True Administrator
Also Known As PSK
Actor Kazimira Slavskaya (Voice and model)
Appearances Battlefield 1942
Battlefield 2
Battlefield 3
Battlefield 4
Rank Colonel Service Star 31 (BF3)
Sergeant Major IV (BF4)
Affiliation Rad Taoism
First appearance Battlefield Bad Company
Last appearance N/A
Status Currently deployed in China engaged against the USMC and PLA

Hi guys, I'm your local Touhou Project expert and friendly Bureaucrat, PSKwhirled. You can find me on PSN, Steam and Origin with the same username.

Who Am I?Edit

I'm a run-of-the-mill shut-in who spends her time reading and playing video games. I'm a neat-freak and constantly keep everything organized. I'm always online and willing to converse largely through Steam.

What Do I Do Here?Edit

In addition to making the common edit to any page, I'm a dedicated Bureaucrat who lurks daily. My priority is to rollback any and all vandalism as soon as possible.

I will, however, do any task on the wiki.

Especially as a Bureaucrat, I believe in fair punishment.

Current TodoEdit

  • Stub pages
  • Stats


  • The Almighty Taoist That Administers Space, Toyosatomimi no Miko

Wikia MilestonesEdit


I tend to use nicknames, if you do not mind.

I also run a test account for testing things.

How Do Battlefield and I Relate?Edit

My first game was Battlefield: Bad Company which I played at a friend's. As time went on, I ended up renting Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for a while, but never found time to purchase. Eventually I bought Battlefield 3 and once Battlefield 1942 was released for free on Origin, I essentially joined the community. I recently picked up both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 2.

I strive to be one of the best medical players available; I have a huge focus on defensive play and long-range tactics.

Battlefield 1942Edit

My favorite map is Stalingrad while my favorite weapon is the Type 5.

Battlefield 2Edit

Great Wall is my favorite map. The AK-47 is my favorite weapon.

Battlefield 3Edit

I play Battlefield 3 on the PlayStation 3. My favorite gamemode is Rush. My favorite map is Operation Riverside. Premium Camouflage 2 is my favorite camo.


Equipment Assault Engineer Support Recon
Primary AK-74M A-91 RPK-74 SVD
Secondary MP443 MP443 MP443 MP443
Optic PSO-1 Kobra None PKS-07
First Accessory Bipod None Bipod Foregrip
Second Accessory Flash Suppressor Laser Sight Flash Suppressor None
Gadget One Medic Kit RPG-7 Ammo Box T-UGS
Gadget Two Defibrillator Repair Tool M18 Claymore Radio Beacon
Specialization COVR EXPL FLAK COVR

Stolen TagsEdit

BF3 Battlelog

Battlefield 4Edit

I play Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation 3. Eventually, I will upgrade to the PlayStation 4. Rush is still my favorite gamemode. Golmud Railway is my favorite map. Atomic is my favorite camouflage pattern while Snow is my favorite color scheme. Blue Sky is my favorite one-off camouflage.


Equipment Assault Engineer Support Recon
Primary SAR-21 CBJ-MS RPK-12 [Redacted]
Optic HD-33 Reflex PKA-S [Redacted]
Accessory Magnifier Laser Sight Magnifier [Redacted]
Barrel Compensator None Muzzle Brake [Redacted]
Underbarrel Angled Grip None Bipod [Redacted]
Secondary FN57 FN57 FN57 Shorty 12G
Optic Ghost Ring Ghost Ring Ghost Ring [Redacted]
Accessory None None None [Redacted]
Barrel Compensator Compensator Compensator [Redacted]
Gadget One Defibrillator RPG-7V2 Ammunition Box [Redacted]
Gadget Two Medic Bag Repair Tool M18 Claymore [Redacted]
Grenades RGO Impact RGO Impact V40 Mini M34 Incendiary
Knife Machete Machete Machete Machete
Field Upgrades Combat Medic Mechanic Indirect Fire [Redacted]

Stolen TagsEdit

  • None

BF4 Battlelog

What About Touhou Project and Me?Edit

To put it shortly, I'm a gigantic loser who adores every little detail about every little thing. Ask me anything and I can give an answer. My favorite character is Toyosatomimi no Miko. My favorite game is Touhou Shinreibyou ~ Ten Desires. My favorite track is "Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator," Toyosatomimi no Miko's theme in both Touhou Shinreibyou ~ Ten Desires and Touhou Shinkirou ~ Hopeless Masquerade.
If you can set-up netplay properly because I have neither the knowledge nor drive to learn about netplay, I'll join a game of Touhou Hisoutensoku or Shinkirou. I most commonly play Utsuho Reiuji and Toyosatomimi no Miko, respectively; I sometimes play Mononobe no Futo though. I always rely on Taoism decks.


Electronic and Jazz are my favorite genres. My musical tastes are largely inspired by Touhou Project. Some of my favorites are listed below, on YouTube for your convenience. 3L and Mai Kotoge are my favorite vocalists. I'll probably add more as time goes on.




Full AlbumsEdit

Because I like ShibayanRecords so much.



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