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July 5, 2010
  • I live in The United States of America
  • I was born on February 26
  • My occupation is Pro Gamer
  • I am Male duh
Sat surv
Assault Rifle Medal
My dream PS4.
Also Known As Ramp, Rampant,Ramplion
Appearances Battlefield 4,

Battlefield: Bad Company 2,Battlefield 1943, Battlefield: Bad Company Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Battlefield 3: Endgame Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Battlefield 4 Battlefield 4: China Rising Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Battlefield 1942

Rank Brigadier General (112)
Affiliation Flag of the United States United States Marine Corps
Weapon AEK-971, G36C, ACW-R
First appearance Bad Company 2
Last appearance Still deployed.
Status Alive
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One of my pet-peeves is when people mispronounce my name (If you happen to be RapidGunner98 and reading this, you are an exception). It is RAMP ANT LION FIVE ONE THREE

Boss QuotesEdit

"We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive censorship. We do not forget the denial of our free rights as human beings. To the United States Government: You should have expected us."

-Anonymous (No, I do not like their hacks.) in response to SOPA and PIPA.

"There's a page in Wikia where the names of the banned are inscribed. We try to honor their feeble attempts of trolling us, even as their avatars fade from our memory. Those memories are all thats left, when the admins have taken everything else." -Unknown

"Battlefield 4 will just be a game case with papers to join the Marines."

-Some Guy on teh YouTubezz

"Op Metro everyones favorite." - Charcoal121

"Truckasaurus Rex!" - Haggard

"Do not do anything stupid. This peace of s**t right there stole three nuclear devices from Russia, and sold them to a man called Solomon. Solomon's using the PLR. He has at least two targets, New York and Paris. He's using public transit to move the weapons. He's going to detonate the New York device at Times Square very soon. This cannot happen. We can avert war between our nations. Just two of us. No politicians. No money changing hands. Just two soldiers speaking the truth. Help me. Help me to do this. [Cole is heard entering the room] That's it I have to leave now. You don't shoot him, millions will die. [Cole Enters and shouts "GET DOWN ON THE GROUND!" and Blackburn shoots Cole, killing him.] Remember, do whatever you have to do to stop Solomon's plan." - Dimitri 'Dima" Mayakovsky. (This is the greatest speech ever heard by man.)

"Is that a Zeppelin or I am just seeing things?" "You're not seeing things." -Miles "Milo" Winchester and Captain Robinson

"When I'm right no one remembers. When I am wrong, no one forgets."

-D Facebookz

"Warning:I'm Awesome. You are not."

-My Miz t-shirt

LOL.Tywin1 crossing the delaware



Hi! I am Rampantlion513, and obviously my favorite weapon is the AEK-971! I like to fly helicopters and jets, but I am not going to be a silly nub pilot like BumblebeePrime09, I will be the boss at the head of the operation! I love shooters, and have played many video games. The most notable are:

  • CoD:Finest Hour (First shooter, I played it when I was about 6)
  • Medal of Honor:Frontline
  • Secret Weapons over Normandy (If you have played this, you are the a superior boss, like me.)
  • CoD:BRO
  • CoD 3
  • CoD 4
  • CoD:WaW
  • CoD:WaWFF
  • CoD:Black Ops
  • Ghost Recon 1
  • Ghost Recon 2
  • Battlefield 2:Modern Combat
  • Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
  • COD:MW2
  • CoD:MW3
  • Battlefield 1943
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  • Battlefield 3
  • Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2 (bosses only, also)
  • Sniper Ghost Warrior

I think that WW2 was the golden era of warfare, nothing will ever be like it. I like to study the Weapons, tactics, vehicles, and forces involved in that era. I think it would be quite interesting to have a modern version of WW2 would be very interesting...

This is my Battlelog


Flag of Russia Rampantlion513 Wanna Talk? What I have done

Mastered Weapons (Weapons that have 500 kills)Edit

XM8 (BC2)

AEK-971 (BF3 and BF4)

M16A3 (BF3)

M4A1 (BF3)

Knife (BF3) (Yes lolz)

M416 (BF3 and BC2.)

L85A2 (BF3 and BF4)

M249 (BF3)

AN94 (BF3)


PP-19 (BF3)

F2000 (BF3)

SCAR-H (BF3 and BF4)

AUG A3 (BF3)

ACW-R (BF3 and BF4)

KH2002 (BF3)

G3A3 (BF3)

AKS-74u (BF3)

SAR-21 (BF4)

G36C (BF4)

AK5C (BF4)

Favorite MapsEdit


Wake Island


Tied - Arica Harbor, Laguna Presa, Isla Inocentes and Port Valdez.

BC2 VietnamEdit

Hill 137


Caspian Border


Wake Island (Thank you DICE)

BF3 CQEdit

Operation 925

BF3 AKEdit

Alborz Mountain (nuff said)

BF3 AMEdit


BF3 EGEdit

Nebandan Flats


Flood Zone


Caspian Border


They all suck


  • USAS-12
  • People who steal my AEK!
  • Campers
  • People who continually spawn in jets even though ever time they take off they die.
  • People who shoot me in the back.

Qualifications to be a Scrub:Edit

  1. Using straight pull bolt
  2. Stairway / doorway camping the entire game

Scrub GunsEdit

  1. M416
  2. and DMR


Dog TagsEdit

Left: Level 100 Dog Tag

Right: Phantom Prospect Dog Tag

Friends who have my dog tagEdit


  • ATATKiller
  • RapidGunner98
  • PSKwhirled


No one

Friends who's dog tag I haveEdit


  • ATATKiller x2
  • PSKwhirled x4
  • RapidGunner98
  • FluoxetinePatch



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