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    Hello Battlefield Wiki! This is 3RDRANGER bringing you some later-than-new news about the upcoming game in the Battlefield series, Battlefield 1.

    The game is due to come out officially on October 21, 2016 (not counting the early access from EA Access, Origin Access, or the pre-order bonus). However, EA and DICE are hosting one last event for the game's pre-release marketing period in order to show off more of the game's singleplayer and multiplayer components.

    Titled the "Road to Battlefield 1", the game will be livestreamed on the official Battlefield Twitch channel. Things from the game that will be shown off include a playthrough of the game's second chapter of the singleplayer campaign, Through Mud and Blood, a 64-player match on the map Ami…

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    Today, news on Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline has been released on Battlelog, but I'm going to summarize it here in this wiki for those who want to read it right away. Let's get started!

    Note: The "List of Events" sections are from the Battlelog pages (linked in the sources at the bottom of the article). If you want the TL;DR of this post, go down to the "End Note" section.

    Battlefest has happened twice already for Battlefield 4, the first that happened from July to August of 2014 and the second in November of 2014.

    From March 31 to May 4, players from all platforms will get sales on Battlepacks and Kit Shortcuts, free Gold Battlepacks, a screenshot contest, a new community mission, and a double XP weekend.

    Battlefield Premium is not requir…

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    The official Battlefield Twitter account just released a short 17-second teaser trailer for a new game mode called Rescue in Battlefield Hardline, which looks to be a mode where the objective is for the cops to save the hostages being held by the criminals.

    The teaser is not on YouTube, so it can only be viewed on this Tweet. For those who aren't able to view the tweet, the teaser shows a night map taking place in an industrial area with the police surrounding the criminals as they try to find the hostages. The teaser ends with a police sniper ready to take a shot at a criminal Mechanic before it cuts to title screen.

    The full trailer is set to come out later this day (August 12, 2014) and the blog post will be updated then.

    Battlefield Hardline w…

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    In a post to the official Battlefield Blog on July 22, 2014, DICE Vice-President and General Manager Karl Magnus Troedsson has revealed news that Battlefield Hardline has been delayed from its original release date of October 21, 2014 (as was planned and shown during E3 2014) to early 2015.

    The three reasons the DICE GM has provided include "Multiplayer Innovation", "Single Player Story Depth", and "Stability". More detail can be found on the BF Blog post.

    In other news, Battlefield 4: Final Stand, the very last DLC to come out for Battlefield 4 will launch during the third quarter of EA's fiscal year, meaning some time between October and December of this year, as confirmed by EA's CEO, Andrew Wilson, during an earnings conference call that was h…

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    From now until June 3, 2014, the PC version of Battlefield 3 is free on Origin as part of its "On the House" program alongside Plants vs. Zombies. Once downloaded, the game can be kept forever in a customer's Origin library. The original selling price was US$19.99,

    Note: This only applies to the Standard Edition of Battlefield 3, not the Premium Edition in which it is still priced at US$39.99. This means DLC and Premium are not included in the package.

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