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  • ACruz

    Sup guys.

    If you have not done it already, go log onto your EA/origin account on the Battlefield website.

    Why? Well, im not going to spoil the suprise!

    You're welcome.

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  • ACruz

    Hey guys,

    Picutres were released from DICE and belong to DICE.

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  • ACruz

    The long anticipated Xbox 360 patch is avalible for download today. The massive 1.02 GB download will bring the same patches and fixes that are also on the PS3 and PC versions. Are you an Xbox player? This is what you will expect:

    • The USAS-12 now has a reduced rate of fire when equipped with FRAG rounds. The splash damage has also been decreased.
    • FAMAS now has 25 rounds instead of 30. Recoil has also been increased.
    • You can now quit after the round ends. Previously, you had to wait untill the next round.
    • All guns except the M27 IAR, 870MCS and M4A1, M16A3 have been modified in a way to improve it or balance it.

    This is only a fraction of the patch notes. There has been lots of changes. To see all of them, visit the official Battlelog patch notes …

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  • ACruz

    Battlefield 3 will be going offline today for 1 hour while DICE updates the game.

    Also, there has been no ETA for the Xbox 360's patch release date.....

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