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    Maps that would've been cool see in BFV:

    Ap Bac - ARVN vs. Viet Cong - 11th Infantry Regiment vs. Unidentified Viet Cong Forces

    Long Tan - Australian Army vs. Viet Cong - D Company, 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment vs. 5th Viet Cong Division

    Operation Junction City - U.S. Army vs. Viet Cong - 173rd Airborne Brigade vs. 9th Viet Cong Division

    Coral-Balmoral - Australian Army vs. NVA - 1st Australian Task Force vs. 7th NVA Division

    Hamburger Hill - U.S. Army vs. NVA - 101st Airborne Division vs. 29th NVA Regiment

    Operation Lam Son 719 - ARVN vs. NVA - I Corps vs. 70th Front

    It also would've been nice to have the M102 howitzer as an anti-communist counterpart to the M-46. An interesting feature for it would be that you wouldn't be able to move it …

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