• AbashedRanger

    I have thought about which classes should be what and have came up with this list.

    Assault - Assault Rifles and a Sidearm, C4 or another explosive and a radar jammer (a new weapon that jams the radar of all those of the opposite team inside of their effective range) or a spawn beacon.

    Engineer - SMGs and a Sidearm, a repair tool, a Drone, and a Hacking Device (a new weapon that allows you to control enemy Drones and certain pilotable vehicles, but not to the extend that the pilotable vehicles become beasts that you can use to wreck the opposite team, it is usually used to send simple commands to pilotable vehicles such as "go there, attack that, then land here" or "follow me, cover me until I get to this location, then land where I am. Or oth…

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