"F*cking Frag Rounds! How do they work?!"


Fucking Internet Memes

I have been enjoying the shit out've Battlefield 3 since it's prodigal release on October 25th of last year. It's been great....up until about a week after Christmas.

That is when itstarted happening. All the *cough* Call of Duty Players or Converts *cough* started infesting migrating to Battlefield 3....and were using nothing but the USAS-12 w/ the goddamned Frag Rounds. a.k.a "Big Boom Spray 'n' Pray Rounds". I was okay with it at first, but now it's just getting annoying. Hell, when I first unlocked the USAS-12, I went 40-14...with BUCKSHOT, Op Metro, Rush, Attackers. I won the damn match FFS. However, in recent weeks, I've learned: "To kill a bitch, you must become a bitch". When I first adopted that mentality, I did indeed become a hypocrite and use the aformentioned weapon with it's explosive ammunition. But then, something amazing happened; I flipped the switch and decided to give the DAO-12 a ride, the shhotgun from the underrated, under appreciated Physical Warfare Pack , not with Frag Rounds, but with 12g slugs instead. So far, I've been accused of hacking on 3 different occasions, twice with "aimbots" and another with "spawn hacks". Nope. I just find Slugs to be much more effective than Frags. Gotten a couple map length double kills.

Now, Frags are good for clearing a room or six , but when you're going around as a Recon w/ USASFRAGS, and a score of 39-4, you're just being a my opinion. I like to play Battlefield the way it's meant to be played. Hell, I only pull out the DAO-12SLUGS when I find a pesky player with USASFRAGS that needs to be put down hard and quick.

Use whatever the f*ck you want when you play Battlefield 3. Just know that when using USASFRAGS, it makes you look like you're compensating for a matter of fact, I, hereby, deem the USAS-12 Shotgun, "The Compensator" Small ding-a-ling or you just suck? Take your pick.

Alas, my only hope is that D.I.C.E will take note of the OP'd Frag Rounds and tone them down or remove them completely.

Anyway, that's MY two-cents on the USAS-12. Good day, and I'll see you on the Battlefield.

P.S. Inb4 "You're just a noob and a hypocrite and try playing better!"........FUCK OFF.

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