Battlefield 3 Beta Portal Appears & Possible Beta Announcement

Daniel Matros a.k.a our friend "zh1nt0" posted on his Twitter account: "This week is going to be off the hook", hinting at a possible Beta Announcement for today, September 20th. In other news, the Battlefield 3 Beta Portal, which has since '404'd' is an official EA/DICE website:

The page appeared to be a "GameStop Managers Early Access Portal".

Read the Full Story here:

On a side note, EA/DICE Staff Twitter's (ie. @zh1nt0 @Demize99, etc.) have not been hit with questions surrounding Matros' "off the hook" Twitter post, so it's safe to assume the Beta will be announced this week.

If I'm wrong on this, I welcome you to toss a My Little Pony in a blender and send it to me on YouTube. That'll teach me to speculate!

Source: PlanetBattlefield

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