Battlefield 3 PC Beta Ready, Waiting on Microsoft & Sony

Speaking at the FNAC meeting in Paris, France, DICE GM Karl Magnus Troedsson gave a co-op demo of Battlefield 3 and answered questions. According to (unrelated to us), KM said the PC beta is ready, but now they are working with Microsoft and Sony to "accelerate preparations". From what we have heard, it takes 2-3 weeks for Microsoft and Sony to approve content, running it through tests to make sure it won't brick your console among other things. That said, we have no idea when the build was submitted to them. Via EA UK Forums.

This is great news in light of all the leaks that DICE is "disappointed" with. However, here's to hoping Microsoft doesn't pull a "Medal of Honor" with the BF3 and delay it for a month on the Xbox 360.

On an unrelated note in a seperate interview with KM Troedsson was asked:

"Are there any plans to make another downloadable BF game, like you did with BF1943? That game was fantastic!"

KM: "Glad you liked it! But sorry, can't comment on this"

That tells me there will be some more Battlefield on the way, after Battlefield 3. Personally, I'm hoping for Battlefield 2143.

Source: PlanetBattlefield

UPDATE: So, I can't confirm anything, but there is speculation that the Beta for PC & Xbox 360 has been approved and is ready to go with the exception of Sony as they "are trying to get an exclusive", whatever that means.

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