PC Exclusive Map Opening Later This Week?

In light of Caspian Border being a Conquest Map in the Battlefield 3 Beta that is only accessible via password, and is as such for the purpose of, in the words of DICE; "internal" testing, said password has be leaked on the internet. However, no word has been heard from DICE on that "problem", which has led many to believe that DICE will release Caspian Border to ALL platforms and Beta Paticipants later this week.

This would be a godsend, due to the fact that many find Operation Metro to be a "boring" map, seeing as how it was the only available map in the Battlefield 3 Alpha Trial. Most Battlefield fans showed their discontent when the Beta Map was revealed to be Operation Metro, and also accused "zh1nt0" DICE's Global Community Manager of "lying", that he had stated before that the "map included in the Beta will not be Operation Metro".

I, however, speculate that zh1nt0 was a degree. Caspian Border is listed to be a Beta Map via Battlelog, however, the "internal testing" could just be such so that the map can be smoothed out for a public release next week.

Tell me what you think, and I'll see you on the Battlefield.

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